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The Bachelor: Michelle Got What She Asked For

After three painstaking episodes, Jake finally grew a pair and sent home one of the craziest and obsessive contestants in Bachelor history. If you missed episode 3 of The Bachelor, read the full recap here. Since the beginning of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, Michelle established herself as the emotionally needy bachelorette who wants nothing else but to marry Jake and have lots of babies with him...immediately! While her honesty and sensitivity was a big factor on why Jake kept her in the running for at least two episodes, her passive-aggressive behavior wasn't. And last night's episode proved just that. When Michelle finally got her one-on-one time with Jake, she told him that she really really really wants to have a husband and then asked Jake if she could kiss him. He agreed though the kiss didn't go well for Michelle. "You got to give me something more than that," she said. "I can't stay. I really want to stay, Jake, I really do, I feel that we do have a connection, yet to spend this time with you and not to be able to really kiss you, hurts me." That's the second time Michelle threatened to leave the show--- which gives you an idea how much needy she is. (Basically, she wants Jake to ask her to stay every time she tells him that she's leaving.) Luckily, Jake called her bluff this time. "Michelle, I think it would be better if you did leave," Jake said before walking her outside to waiting cab. The funny thing about this is that Michelle, still crazy as ever, claimed she has no idea why Jake sent her home. Lesson learned? Be careful what you wish for because it just might come true. Source Here

The Bachelor 14: Preview of Episode 3

If you think Jake's quest for love will be smooth sailing from here on, think again. Last week's Rozlyn scandal may be deemed one of the most shocking controversies in Bachelor history but the truth is, it's only the beginning of more startling revelations and outrageous drama. Tonight, jealousy reigns among the 12 remaining bachelorettes when they learn that not all of them will go on a date with Jake. For the third episode of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, there will be two special one-on-one dates each with a rose at stake, as well as a group date. The first one-on-one date involves a date at a towering bridge nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains where they are expected to go bungee jumping and where we also learn something ironic about this season's love searcher. Apparently, Jake is afraid of heights, and so is his lucky date for the day. Then eight women visit Jon Lovitz' popular Hollywood comedy club where Lovitz explains that they will be the ones performing stand up in his club that night. Panic begins as one contestant starts to break down with a bad case of stage fright, while one bachelorette makes fun of a fellow contestant. The next morning, Jake picks up a lucky bachelorette with a helicopter to San Diego's Sea World where another bombshell is revealed. Following the three dates, a rift forms in the house just in time for the cocktail party, with all the women pitted against one bachelorette who claims to be there only to win Jake's heart, leading Jake to send home one bachelorette on the spot. Source Here