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The Bachelor: Ali Versus Vienna

After weeks of drama between Ali and Vienna on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, it doesn't look like the tension between these two bachelorettes is going to simmer down anytime soon. Ali is still very vocal about not liking Vienna while Vienna is still the girl that everyone loves to hate. This week's episode alone had its share of Ali vs. Vienna fiasco. Thanks to Corrie's little prank, we learned how Ali really feels about Vienna when she thought she was going on a two-on-one date with her. Ali practically wanted to throw up while Vienna got upset because of how Ali reacted. To Read More Click Here .

'The Bachelor': Jake Pavelka Keeps Vienna, Sends Home Corrie

On "The Bachelor" this week, Vienna got to stay while Corrie went home. The 23-year-old wardrobe consultant was the 21st girl who did not get a rose from Jake Pavelka, for a reason he only knows. In the rose ceremony, she was pitted against Vienna who has been placed as the 'villain' this season. Corrie actually had a lot of opportunity to get to know Jake this week since she earned a one-on-one date. They went to a park and rowed boat down the lake before moving on to a science center. Unlike in the other dates that week, Jake did not kiss the girl. During dinner Corrie said she is reluctant to move in together with her boyfriend until they get married. Jake said it was not a problem to him and he respected her for that. Vienna meanwhile was in the two-on-one date with Gia. They were taken to Castello de Amarosa Vineyard in Napa where they got to visit the vineyard and went down the wine cellar. Vienna dominated the date but Jake picked Gia first for some alone time with him. Jake told Gia that he was falling for her. Vienna in the meantime poured her heart out to Jake about how the other girls treated her in the mansion. In the rose ceremony, Jake gave the first roses to Tenley, Ali and Gia. Together with Vienna, these girls will go home in next week's episode and introduce Jake to their family. Source Here

ABC's Latest 'Bachelor' Promo: "Vienna the Vixen" is "Pure Evil"

Only five women remain in the quest to bag themselves a Bachelor, and there's currently a debate raging on BuddyTV as to whether contestant Vienna Girardi, 23, is either the perfect match or the perfect nightmare for Bachelor Jake Pavelka. ABC's latest promo for next week's Bachelor episode certainly makes their opinion of Vienna clear as can be, in as subtle, fair and objective messaging as we've come to expect from this reality dating show. (Read: not at all.) But we've got to hand it to them: those Bachelor producers know how to craft a grand storyline! Check out the video for what's to come on Monday night, when Vienna's "pretty little claws" apparently come out to play. Wonder if we'll get a glimpse of some horns and a spiky tail as well? Source & Promo

'Bachelor' Sneak Peek: Gia Gets A Kiss, Vienna Gets Lost

Check out the latest sneak peek of next Monday's Bachelor episode, in which Jake goes on a two-on-one date with Gia and Vienna (who's "pure evil," according to the latest ABC promo), and the competition between the two women heats up. The Bachelor episode 5 description tells us that "the two-on-one date, one bachelorette has no problem dominating the dinner conversation. With the beautiful Castello di Amaroso winery in Napa Valley as a backdrop, the romance between Jake and one of the women intensifies. But the other bachelorette isn't about to see another woman get between her and her man." Source & Video

The Bachelor 14: Preview of Episode 5

Tonight's Bachelor episode serves as a vital deciding factor for Jake before he chooses which four women he will escort home to meet their families. There are five women left in the running and the pressure is really high as these girls try to win Jake's attention during an adventurous road trip in the romantic city of San Francisco. Unlike previous episodes, every girl will go on a date with Jake this week on The Bachelor. However, that doesn't mean tonight's episode will be without drama. To Read More Click Here .