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The Bachelorette: Ali Fedotowsky Looks for Love Beginning May 24

Unless you've been living under the rock these days, then you're already aware that Ali Fedotowsky, one of the frontrunners who competed for Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, will star on the sixth season of The Bachelorette. The official announcement was made by host Chris Harrison during Monday's After the Final Rose special, where Fedotowsky expressed her joy and enthusiasm in getting her second shot at love. "I am so excited. I'm so thrilled and honored and grateful. I just can't believe it. I'm really grateful," Ali Fedotowsky said during The Bachelor episode. "I want to find someone and I want to be in love and I want to get married and have kids -- all of that. This is my chance." "When I found out -- or when I was even first approached -- I was kind of scared at first. I almost went right back to how I felt when I had to make the decision with Jake," Fedotowsky added. "I kept thinking to myself, 'Why am I feeling this way again?' I just realized I'm not going to let my fear dictate my life anymore. I just need to go for it." Ali Fedotowsky will officially begin her journey on The Bachelorette on Monday, May 24 at 9pm ET/PT, according to ABC. Source Here

Ali Fedotowsky Is the Next 'Bachelorette'

With Vienna Girardi coming out as the winner of Jake Pavelka's heart, ABC announced that they have tapped third runner-up Ali Fedotowsky to be the next "The Bachelorette". The 25-year-old advertising account manager from Williamstown, MA will get to choose whom she wants to spend the rest of her life with when the show returns in May. The announcement was made during the "The Bachelor" finale on Monday, March 1. "I'm so excited!" Ali told host Chris Harrison. "I am so thrilled and honored and grateful. I just can't believe it." Chris said that Ali has been fans' favorite all along the 14th season and she responded, "I feel so blessed." Ali was in the top 4 of Jake's choice this season along with Gia, Tenley and Jake's final choice Vienna. She was not eliminated by Jake but voluntarily left the show to pursue her career. The Facebook staff asked Jake on the night she decided to leave for some assurance, but Jake was not ready to promise her anything. Upon back in San Francisco, Ali called Jake that she wanted to return, saying she did not make the right choice. Unfortunately, Jake said he had moved further along with the other three women that he couldn't sacrifice any of them to have her back. Ali was left heartbroken. Since then, she had been approached by the execs, and rumor has it, she quit her job to be able to concentrate on the show. "I realize I am not going to let my fear dictate my life anymore. I want to fall in love, have kids, all of that. I am not going to make the same mistake I made before," she recalled when she was first given the offer. Source Here



ABC to Reveal New 'Bachelorette' On 'Bachelor: After the Final Rose' Special

In a press release previewing Monday's (March 1) Bachelor: On the Wings of Love finale, ABC reveals that they have already selected their next Bachelorette, and American will learn her identity during the Bachelor: After the Final Rose Special, which airs immediately after the Bachelor season finale. The release also hints that Jake's final two, Tenley and Vienna, will have very different interactions with Jake's family when they meet during Monday's finale--and not to Vienna's advantage. Will Jake choose her (as he is rumored to do), even after his own mother takes issue with her "brutal honesty and confrontational style"? To Read More Click Here .

Former 'Bachelorette' Star Joins 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' Design Team

Jillian Harris returns to reality TV after making an appearance with fiance Ed Swiderski on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love where they helped love searcher Jake Pavelka get through the first episode. According to ABC's press release, the Canadian starlet has joined Extreme Makeover: Home Edition as a special guest designer for an upcoming episode. "I have been an adoring fan of the series for years and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing team. I feel so blessed to be a part of this project with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Because of the constant love I receive from my family, friends, and now fans, I have always felt like my heart was just bursting with love and hope for others in need. I couldn't think of a better place or a better way to give back; to give love, support, and hope. I really feel like the world needs a lot of love right now, and to be a part of this and see others give their time and love so generously, it is truly inspiring," the former Bachelorette said in a statement. To Read More Click Here .

Jillian and Ed Canceled Special Announcement on 'Bachelor'

There's apparently another bump along the latest edition of "The Bachelor" beside the reported backstage affair. ABC failed to air the "special announcement" that it has promised to air along with the season premiere on Monday, January 4. Per Reality TV World, a spokesperson of ABC said the announcement was supposed to be a wedding date of Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski, the couple who emerged from the last season of "The Bachelorette". The spokesperson explained further, "They were worried about how the announcement would have affected their personal life, so they decided to pull it." The decision was made after Jillian and Ed talked to "Bachelor" producers. Jillian was the bachelorette who rejected the current bachelor, Jake Pavelka. Ed proposed to her at the end of the show in late May and they reportedly wanted to share the wedding date with Jake on the season 14 premiere. The couple would help Jake first in eliminating 10 contestants based on the first impression before making their own announcement but the promoted footage never went on air eventually. Meanwhile, decision is also made to prevent male crew of the show to interact with the female contestants vying for Jake's love following the affair between one of the bachelorettes and a producer. "The crew for the show was then instructed not to speak to any of the contestants," a source told OK!. "They were really strict about it. It was just really odd to have the crew not communicate when the women were with them shooting scenes." Source Here

The Bachelor: It's Official, Jake Pavelka Is the New 'Bachelor' - Featured

It is now confirmed that Jake Pavelka would be " The Bachelor " of season 14. During the deliberation night of " Dancing with the Stars " on Tuesday, October 13, host Tom Bergeron took some time to announce that Jake is officially the one vying for a true love among a dozen plus women on the dating reality show. Jake was a contestant of " The Bachelorette " season 5 who did not get picked by Jillian Harris. Since his occupation is a commercial pilot, the new season will be subtitled "On the Wings of Love". He will begin shooting in November for the premiere in January 2010. Jake's recruitment was actually hinted a few weeks ago when a woman named Brittney Gammel told a local TV that she is participating on the show. Brittney is in fact a Tennessee native who shares the same occupation as Jake, a pilot. On "The Bachelorette", Jake is identified as the guy who outed a fellow contestant as having a girlfriend during the competition. He was eliminated in the sixth week because Jillian thought he was too conservative for her. He returned two weeks later to tell Jillian that Wes had been lying to her. He was accused by the other guys as "pulling a Mesnick" in reference to Jason Mesnick of "The Bachelor" season 13 when he cried in front of Jillian. Source Here

'The Bachelorette' Couple Officially Moving in Together

Sorry to disappoint Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski detractors but it looks like The Bachelorette couple has surpassed all the reality TV gossip and drama and are about to take a big step in their relationship. Finally, they're moving in! I was one of those people who had high hopes for Harris and Swiderski on The Bachelorette but after hearing all those nasty rumors about Swiderski's infidelity and lies, I admit that it made me doubt Swiderski's intentions. I also realized that maybe Harris should have picked someone else from the show. Reid? Michael? Anyone else but the jerk who's been lying to her all this time. But seeing The Bachelorette couple work out their relationship in spite of what happened in the past, which they somewhat admitted, and recently seeing them genuinely happy on The Ellen DeGeneres Show makes me hope that Harris will indeed have her fairytale ending with Swiderski. "We want everybody to know we are extremely happy and in love," Swiderski told Ellen, so much so that the couple packed up Harris' things in Vancouver this past weekend and are officially moving in together next Tuesday. "This engagement is very different than a typical engagement," Harris added. "As my father said, 'Jill, you are not walking down the aisle.' We are living together, adopting a dog, working charities together and attending family functions. Now we are trying to work at [our relationship at a] more normal level." While Swiderski still doesn't have a clue as to why his two ex-girlfriends stirred the controversy, he assures fans that "Jillian is one of the most intelligent women I know. I highly doubt that she would be with someone who is not a good person. We are very clear with each other. We know the truth of what happened." Source Here

The Bachelor: Melissa Rycroft Keeps Mum on Wedding Details, But Comments on 'Bachelorette' Couple

Melissa Rycroft may have tried to look for love on TV but she still believes in doing some things the old fashioned way. The former Bachelor winner and Dancing with the Stars third placer has just purchased a new house in Texas with fiancee Tye Strickland but is holding off living together until after they've tied the knot. "It's very important to us to not leave our roots and family and friends," Rycroft explained. "We're gonna do it the old-fashioned way." Rycroft isn't keen on revealing the date and location of their upcoming wedding but she has no qualms about weighing in on the upcoming nuptials of gal pal and Bachelorette star Jillian Harris, who remains in constant public scrutiny for staying in a relationship with her allegedly cheating fiance, Ed Swiderski. "You know, granted it's not my business to comment, but Jillian's real life is fantastic," Rycroft told Us Weekly at a Kenneth Cole charity event in L.A. last Wednesday. "She is doing really well. Her and Ed are happy, and I know she is going to become a U.S. citizen. She's moving to Chicago [where Swiderski lives]." Amidst infidelity rumors (the most recent involves Swiderski leaving a Chicago bar with another woman), many are people are hoping that Harris will break off her engagement to Swiderski. Rycroft, on the other hand, remains optimistic that everything will still work out for The Bachelorette star and her chosen guy. "I absolutely do," she told Us. "I know they love each other, and I know they are planning a wedding, and I know she wants to marry him. I hope it works out for them." And while both Rycroft and former Bachelor fiancee, Jason Mesnick have clearly moved on with other relationships, she's not really expecting Mesnick to wish the best on her engagement. "I don't know how many old relationships will extend a congratulation hand to new relationships. I guess we haven't even really thought about it," she said. Source Here

The Bachelorette: Jillian and Ed Still Together

It looks like the fairytale romance is far from over for Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski. Unwavering amidst scandalous accusations against Swiderski's infidelity and lies, it's good to know that The Bachelorette couple is staying together to work through any problems. But there's another angle to this story and it's a perspective that comes from former Bachelorette star DeAnna Pappas, who put forward that money might be the motivator for Harris to stay engaged with Swiderski. "When Jillian accepted Ed's proposal, she was starting to fall in love," an insider told In Touch magazine, but now she feels like she has to stay with him. It's quite difficult to stick with your fiance after hearing all those nasty rumors, whether there's some truth to it or not. And it's even harder when alleged evidence like emails and text messages become accessible to the public. So why is Harris still with Swiderski? Perhaps it's pride or possibly even true love. However, starring in a reality TV series also comes with perks that are just too hard to resist more often than not. "Hours after my finale, I was bombarded with offers for endorsements, special appearances and more," Pappas told In Touch. "But the catch was they wanted both me and my fiance [Jesse Csincsak]." To refresh your memory, Pappas was the star of The Bachelorette season 4 in which she chose Csincsak over Jason Mesnick, who eventually starred on The Bachelor 13. Pappas and Csincsak, who broke up four months after the show ended, were offered $10,000 to appear at a nightclub and $5,000 to appear at a mall and pose for photos with fans. But Pappas reasoned that "it felt like selling out." "If Jesse and I stayed together, we could have easily cashed in," Pappas added. Source Here