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The Bachelorette 2017 Finale Recap 8/7/17: Season 13 Episode 11 “Winner Revealed”

The Bachelorette Season 13 finale begins tonight with Chris Harrison greeting the crowd to the 3-hour finale of The Bachelorette, live from Los Angeles. Tonight’s finale is different than any other season before because Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is there; she is very excited and nervous at the same time. She will watch it with us together, walking and talking us through it; this is her first time watching it too. Bryan, Eric and Peter are also there and Rachel will see them all before its all over; she jokes, asking if she can leave. As we begin tonight Chris Harrison announces that former Bachelor Season 18 alum, Juan Pablo Galavis married Osmariel Villalobos earlier today in an intimate ceremony. He returns to Rachel and where we left off on her struggle with Peter, that they had gone so far and he continues to want to be in a relationship but not proposing yet. Rachel admits she saw a change in their relationship in Geneva and was still trying to ride it through with him. READ MORE...

Why the Bachelorette Finale Was So Frustrating

It was a jumbled, weirdly paced, remarkably confusing mess.  ...Read More... //

The Bachelorette Finale: Did the Right Suitor Get Rachel Lindsay's Final Rose?

Lovers of love rejoiced on Monday as Rachel Lindsay, ABCs 13th Bachelorette, handed out her final rose in an intimate, tasteful, understated setting. Just kidding! It was a live, three-hour, overblown spectacle complete with a raucous studio audience and we wouldnt have had it any other way. The initial ax fell towards the end [] //

The Bachelorette Season-Finale Recap: Win by Default

Something went massively off the rails here.   ...Read More... //

'Bachelorette' Finale: Whom Rachel Lindsay Is Engaged to?

Rachel sent home another guy and had a very emotional breakup before revealing the man she chose in the finale.   ...Read More... //

The Bachelorette makes her pick and it wont surprise you

And then there was one. Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay said yes to her forever on Monday nights season finale, accepting a marriage proposal from Miami-based chiropractor Bryan Abasolo. You are so easy and effortless to love, and I just want to love you for the rest of my life, Bryan said. Though Rachels love for Bryan...   ...Read More... //

The Bachelorette Rachel Season Finale Recap

The Bachelorette Rachel Season Finale Recap   ...Read More... //

The Bachelorette Finale Review: The Final Rose (And Final Argument)

Rachel Lindsay's "journey" to find love has come to an end, and she's got a ring to prove it. The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 11 opened up with Rachel joining Chris Harrison on stage for the live finale. The lead usually never joins Chris until after the finale airs, and personally, I think it is unnecessary. If I want commentary, I'll go on Twitter. Plus, It's been 11 minutes and we haven't seen one actual scene. I love Chris Harrison, but I prefer him on a beach in Mexico.  ...Read More...

The Bachelorette 2017 Recap 7/31/17: Season 13 Episode 10 #MenTellAll

Chris Harrison arrives on stage as we prepare for the men to tell all for The Bachelorette season 13. He announces they had to beef up security tonight because of all the hostility and conflict that happened between the men this season. Tonight he begins with the most memorable moments from the men tell all history; beginning with with Kasey from ‘Ali’s Men Tell All’, Kailon from ‘Emily’s Tell All’, and when the Kaitlyn’s Men needed to explain their friendships. Andi’s Men Tell All, when Chris Harrison reveals the lie detector tests she threw out as well as Hanging Chad from Jojo’s Men Tell All. The Most Memorable Moment ever was when JP and Ashley reveal the sex of their baby. Jamey, Diggy, Blake, Iggy, Anthony, Lucas, Fred, DeMario, Alex, Jonathan (Tickle Monster), Lee, Jack S, Josiah, Will, Matt, Kenny, Adam and Dean are all here tonight. A few of the moments each men spent with Rachel and all the tension is replayed to remind fans of what happened; especially everyone’s issue with Lee and Kenny. Kenny stands as everyone chants his name; Chris says he will get to Kenny and Lee but wants to talk about Blake and Lucas first. Lucas says he was there for Rachel and to enjoy his time there; but Blake quickly cuts him off. Lucas says he was enjoying his time with Rachel and clearly Blake was obsessing over him. The other men felt Blake was more focused on Lucas than his relationship and they felt Lucas should have just been gone; too focused on his WaBoom. READ MORE...

'Bachelorette: Men Tell All': DeMario Keeps Being a Jerk, Lee Is Grilled Over Racist Tweets

DeMario Jackson doesn't do himself any favors when explaining his relationship with a girl who claimed they dated, and everyone is on team Kenny in his feud with Lee.  ...Read More... //