The Ben Show Episode Guide

60 minutes

Life is a journey for Ben Hoffman, and he needs a lot of help navigating it. The comedian stars in a sketch show/man-on-the-street hybrid that sees him exploring the randomness of everyday existence. In each episode he sets a goal -- examples: Form a band. Buy a gun. Go on a blind date. -- and works toward it with the help of advice from family members, friends and complete strangers. The journeys interweave vignettes as well as sketches, and there are also original songs and animated pieces.

Episode Guide

8 episodes

  • 8 episodes
    8 episodes
    • s1e8Ben Throws a Party
      April 18, 2013
    • s1e7Ben Chills Out
      April 11, 2013
    • s1e6Ben Takes Ambien
      April 4, 2013
    • s1e5Ben Goes Home
      March 28, 2013
    • s1e4Ben Has a Blind Date
      March 21, 2013
    • s1e3Ben Redecorates
      March 14, 2013
    • s1e2Ben Forms a Band
      March 7, 2013
    • s1e1Ben Buys a Gun
      February 28, 2013