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'The Big C: Hereafter' premiere: 'Quality of Life' means no more chemotherapy

"The Big C" returned to Showtime Monday (April 29) with the first of four one-hour episodes that will wrap up the award-winning dramedy about Cathy Jamison and her battle with cancer. The first episode of "Hereafter" is titled "Quality of Life" and for Cathy that means no more chemotherapy. It turns out her wonderful, carefree boat ride with Angel was actually a hallucination. Cathy was found during her diving excursion and rushed to the hospital. The cancer is metastasizing in her brain and for that, Dr. Sherman has recommended chemotherapy. But as it turns out, the good doctor also has cancer (colon) and it is his outlook on wanting to keep working that causes Cathy to quit her job, start doing the things she wants to do and to live out the rest of her life feeling as good as she can, rather than as a woman sickened from the chemotherapy. When she tells Adam,... //

Laura Linney Says Goodbye to The Big C

When it comes to acting, Laura Linney knows no fear. She has embodied everyone from steely First Lady Abigail Adams in HBO's John Adams to FDR's mousy cousin/lover in the ­recent biopic Hyde Park on Hudson . But with her Golden Globe-winning performance on The Big C , she took on a seemingly impossible feat: making cancer funny. Read More... //

'The Big C' Final Season: Does Cathy Have to Die?

Executive producers Darlene Hunt, Jenny Bicks and star Laura Linney share 12 things to know about the final four episodes, titled "Hereafter."      //

The Big C Bosses Reflect on the Final Season: We Ended It the Way We Wanted To

The Big C 's creator and executive producer Darlene Hunt -- much like the series' heroine, Cathy Jamison ( Laura Linney ) --  isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Even when the truth hurts. "Honestly, I actually always envisioned it as... //

The Big C Hereafter Season 4 Premiere “Quality of Life”

The Big C Season 4 Premiere "Quality of Life" premieres Monday, April 29 at 10pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis: The Big C Hereafter Season 4 Premiere "Quality of Life" – In the Season 4 premiere, Adam is turning 16 and Cathy plans to throw him a party, despite his objections, while Paul gets help on his motivational-speaking campaign from a new assistant. READ MORE...

‘The Big C’ Season 4: Watch Two Emotional Clips From The Premiere

The Big C: hereafter isn’t going to be pulling any of its punches as it prepares to say goodbye to Cathy (Laura Linney). Showtime has released two clips from the season four premiere and neither of them wastes any time going in for the kill, emotionally speaking. READ MORE...

‘The Big C’ Season 4: See The Cast Look Back At The “Four Stages Of Cathy”

With the fourth and final season of The Big C set to commence on April 29th, Showtime has released a retrospective video examining the "four stages of Cathy." The cancer dramedy has used each of its seasons to roughly coincide with a stage of grief: denial, anger, bargaining and, coming up in season four, acceptance. If that sounds like we’re heading for a tearjerker of an ending, that’s most likely because we are. As series star Laura Linney says in the video, "The show will hit you in one of two ways: it will be helpful, or it will just be too painful." READ MORE...

Laura Linney: Not Getting a Proper Ending for The Big C Was "My Biggest Fear"

Although it may seem like The Big C — which wraps its four-season run this spring — is coming to an early end, star and executive producer Laura Linney said her "biggest fear" was not getting a proper conclusion to the show at all. "I feel really good about how we finish the story, all of us together," Linney told reporters at Showtime's winter TV previews Saturday. "Certainly, the lesson that I learn over and over and over again in anything creative is... //

'The Big C': The end of the story comes in 'Hereafter'

The upcoming season of the comedy-drama, "The Big C," will be its last. At the end of the four episodes that make up "The Big C: Hereafter," viewers will find out if Cathy (Laura Linney) dies of her cancer or if she survives into an indefinite future.While the producers and cast of the show wouldn't give too much away, they did offer some tidbits about what we can expect in the final season. One warning though: Laura Linney did warn that "Nothing is ever what you think it's going to be. Ever."Despite the series subtitle, "Hereafter," don't worry that this is suddenly going to morph into a ghost show. Cathy does not die in the first episode or anything.Each of the four episodes that make up the final season will be one hour long (instead of the half-hour used by the series before). The episodes will span a period between September and May of... //

'The Big C' Adds Brian Dennehy for Final Season

He'll play Cathy's father and appear in one of the four hourlong episodes of the Showtime dramedy. //