The Bisexual

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The Bisexual

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Wednesdays ,5:00 PM EST on Channel 4
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1 Seasons, 6 Episodes
60 Minutes
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Comedy series examining the life of a woman who dates both men and women.

User Reviews

by Lolli123456

Nov 03, 2018 11:06 PM EDT

Its a so-so show about a woman who discovers she might not be fully gay. The show itself kind of engenders bisexuality by being narratively indescisive. There is a sense of the plot wandering around and taking unexpected turns for no real reason. In other words, the plot is ambiguous, and if that was the intent to narratively portray bisexuality, I would think it was masterful, but I think its mostly bad writing. Hence, 2.5 stars. I think its more a 1-1.5 show, but I don't recall ever watching a show specifically about bisexuals, so I give it credit for that.

And I totally don't think the hot spanish girl would be dating the anal-retentive professor dude. And how does that company make money, no one does any work. And how do these people live in new york city when a studio is 2500 a month?

There are breasts, but of course the guy cant show his junk and there is even a torturous jerk-off scene where they literally prop up blankets so you can't see what she is doing to him.

Bisexuals are apparantly not very good looking. There are a lot of strange looking actors in the show in general.

"Can you spit in my mouth"!! Why do shows keep using this disgusting weird sexual sensationalism instead of hiring talented writers? Its at least the third time I've seen that line used in a show in the last year. No one is begging someone to spit in their mouth. I'm confident its not a widespread phenom.

Dropping it for good. Could have been good if it wasn't soo bad.