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Second Season of Tom Fontana’s ‘Borgia’ Likely After Strong German Bow

 A second season of  Borgia  is looking more likely after  Tom Fontana ’s papal period drama bowed to an impressive 6.2 million viewers on its German premiere on public network ZDF Monday night. The 18.7 percent market share wasn’t good enough to beat reality show  Farmer Wants a Wife  on commercial net RTL, which drew 8 million viewers, but it is likely enough to convince ZDF executives still on the fence about a second season of the ambitious series. Read More.... //

Showtime's The Borgias Dominate Gemini Awards

TORONTO -- From the "stranger than we can imagine" department:  Neil Jordan’ s  The Borgias  for Showtime, a costume drama about a ruthless 15th century Italian ruling clan that starred Jeremy Irons  and  Derek Jacobi , was named best drama at Canada’s TV awards on Wednesday night. If you’re unclear on the concept, the Gemini Awards showcase the best in Canadian TV. Read More... //

'The Borgias': Why Creator Neil Jordan Is Glad He Failed to Get It Made as a Movie

Neil Jordan  tried for years to make  The Borgias , about the ruthless 15th-century Italian ruling clan, as a movie that almost starred  Viggo Mortensen  and  Christina Ricci , then  Colin Farrell  and  Scarlett Johansson , but it's probably better as a Showtime series. The first season, which ended May 21, averaged 3.15 million viewers a week (including replays, on demand and DVR). That beats the fourth and best-rated season of  The Tudors . On Thursday, the glossy, gory family drama could fetch Emmy noms for  Jeremy Irons  as the Godfatherish Borgia pope,  Holliday Grainger  and  Francois Arnaud  as his tormented offspring,  Joanne Whalley  as his bitter wife,  Lotte Verbeek  as the mistress on whose body his finger sketches the map of Italy, and  Colm Feore  and  Derek Jacobi  as scheming cardinals. Read More... //

Showtime's 'Borgias' Outperforms 'Tudors' in Ratings

Showtime’s family saga  The Borgias  ended its first season on a good note. Sunday’s season finale drew 810,000 total viewers at 10 p.m. With encores,  Borgias  snagged 1.12 million viewers for the night. (The Jeremy Irons  drama premiered with 1.06 million tuning in to its two-hour debut in early April.) Including On Demand, DVR and encores,  Borgias  topped the highest-rated season of  The Tudors  (Season 2, 2.7 million) by 20 percent, averaging 3.3 million weekly viewers. Read More... //

'The Borgias' season finale preview: Cesare becomes collateral

Showtime has taken us for a twisted ride on "The Borgias," but wait until you see how the original mafia family ties up some loose ends in the season finale airing Sunday, May 22 at 10 p.m. ET.In the finale episode, the Pope (played by Jeremy Irons) must pull his best political maneuvering as everyone has abandoned him and the French king and his forces descend on the city. Thankfully, a pregnant Lucrezia (Holliday Grainger) paves the way for a private meeting. And while he doesn't like it, Cesare (Francois Arnaud) gets drafted to accompany the French forces on their way to conquer Naples.Watch Zap2it's exclusive preview clip below: How will the Borgias come out on top with so much against them?... //

THE BORGIAS’ Lotte Verbeek Interview

THE BORGIAS  wraps up its first season of scheming, politics, and mayhem on Sunday, May 22. Showtime has already renewed the historical drama for a second season, so there are many more scandalous adventures with Rodrigo, Lucrezia, and the rest of  The Borgias  to come. In the midst of all the dark intrigue and very human drama is Giulia Farnese, mistress to Rodrigo (Jeremy Irons). Played by Dutch actress Lotte Verbeek, Giulia is much more than a typical TV mistress, making the most of her own strengths and position while befriending and protecting Lucrezia (Holliday Grainger). Read More... //

The Borgias Season Finale Promo: Time for Revenge

The Borgias concludes what has been a solid, if unspectacular, first season on Sunday night. What can viewers expect from an episode titled "Nothing?" The following developments: Alexander meets King Charles, saving his throne. Della Rovere suffers greatly as Charles abandons him. Lucrezia gives birth to a boy in a convent. The Borgias plot revenge on their enemies.  //

THE BORGIAS “The Art of War” Episode 8 Preview

Episode  Synopsis : The invaders capture a fleeing and pregnant Lucrezia as they march on Rome, but she charms King Charles and is allowed to persuade her brother Juan to withdraw his hopelessly outmatched defensive troops; Pope Alexander VI awaits to learn of his fate as Charles enters the city and makes his way to the Vatican. //

THE BORGIAS “Death On A Pale Horse” Episode 7 - Preview

Leonardo Da Vinci  (played by guest star John Lynch) will be featured in this episode of  THE BORGIAS , and since I always take a kick out of seeing famous figures appear in shows, this one is bound to be fun. Episode Synopsis : The invasion by King Charles of France and Della Rovere proceeds with victory seemingly inevitable as the French sack the city of Lucca and the Italian powers flee to their banner, with Lucrezia’s husband  Giovanni Sforza poised to join them in the name of Milan ; inventor LeonardoDa Vinci (guest star John Lynch) shows his drawings and blueprints for war machinery to the invaders. Read More... //

THE BORGIAS “The French King” Episode 6 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of the Showtime Series  THE BORGIAS  "The French King" Episode 6 which airs on Sunday May 1 2011 at 10 PM ET/PT. Episode Synopsis : THE BORGIAS (Showtime) "The French King" Episode 6 – Della  Rovere reaches France and strikes a bargain with its ruler to invade Italy  and install  him on the Papal throne in exchange for control of Naples; Rodrigo attempts to thwart the invasion through an alliance by marrying his youngest son Joffre to Princess Sancia of Naples (guest star Emmannuelle Chriqui), but Juan nearly sabotages the plan by seducing his prospective sister-in-law. Read More... //