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The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “Run to You”

If there was any doubt before that  The Carrie Diaries  would be done and dusted once this second season finale, ‘Run to You’ was over, then the events that transpired confirmed it. This was a series finale to the point where you wonder how they would ever pick it up again if the CW were to grant it a surprise renewal and, for fans of this show as much as  Sex and the City , it was as perfectly satisfying as we could have expected. But it wasn’t the traditional happy ending we might have been expecting, with the show instead dealing a healthy dose of reality into Carrie’s existence that stripped her of her first love, her stable family life, work and college all in the space of an hour. Whether you see this as setbacks or necessary character building depends on your own life experiences, but I definitely fall into the latter camp. I couldn’t have envisaged a better send-off for Carrie than this, and seeing her working for her dreams and building her life from the ground up is a fantastic message to put out there for younger fans going through the same struggles. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/02/01/the-carrie-diaries-season-2-review-run-to-you/

The Carrie Diaries Review: I Heart NY

Carrie kicks off The Carrie Diaries Season 2 finale talking about milestones. High school graduation is certainly a major milestone that many people go through.   The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Episode 13  explored what happens after graduation. Now that Carrie has decided to turn down NYU and take the job at Interview, Tom is barely speaking to her. Her graduation barely makes things better considering it just means that she is only one step closer to being a non-college student. Even Dorrit is supportive of Carrie! I have to give Dorrit some major credit in her scenes with Tom. She may be young but she knows what she's talking about. Despite the fact that she and Tom were never close, she took it as a backhanded blessing because it meant she never had to worry about living up to certain expectations. Tom expected Carrie to go to college and that's why he was so disappointed. He wasn't even supportive when he heard that she and Larissa were fired form Interview. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2014/02/the-carrie-diaries-review-i-heart-ny/

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “This is the Time”

First things first – those dresses were hideous! Putting my ignorance about 80s fashion aside,  The Carrie Diaries ’ prom episode was a sweet calm before the storm episode that we’ll be glad of should the series end after next week’s season finale. I loved how, in despite the fact that three-quarters of the gang are attached, the original gang decided to attend prom together pretty much stag. There was no Samantha and minimal Sebastian or Bennett, and this was as honest a depiction of those last days of high school as I can think of. Come time for prom and graduation, significant others related to your imagined future don’t come into it much, and that sentiment is going to play a huge role in how Carrie and Sebastian’s relationship will fare when he tells her of his plans to move to Malibu. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/01/25/the-carrie-diaries-season-2-review-this-is-the-time/

The Carrie Diaries Review: The Time To Remember

There are certain rites of passage that everyone experiences in high school. Whether you loved it or hated it, one of them was prom. The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Episode 12  featured Carrie and her crew heading to the big dance together. It's hard to believe that this was the penultimate episode of  The Carrie Diaries Season 2 , but believe it! The gang has almost wrapped up their time at Castlebury High together; unless you're Sebastian and already out in the real world. What's next comes up to them, but for now they had one of the biggest traditions of high school left to face together. Donna and her impressive rack managed to raise $10,000 extra and got the prom moved from a local inn to the famed Waldorf Astoria. However, once it was moved to NYC, Walt was almost ready to stay home. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2014/01/the-carrie-diaries-review-the-time-to-remember/  

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “Hungry Like the Wolf”

Rather than dealing with the fallout of Bennet and Walt’s breakup by following Walt back to his parents house, this week’s episode of  The Carrie Diaries , ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’, opted to explore the other side of the crisis. Singed from his breakup, as well as the death of his ex-boyfriend and general trauma of the past few weeks, Bennet has dropped the ball at Interview and, against her initial instincts, Carrie is there to pick it up. Does this make her a bad person? That’s the question Carrie’s asking herself. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/01/18/the-carrie-diaries-season-2-review-hungry-like-the-wolf/

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “Date Expectations”

Over the course of its second season,  The Carrie Diaries  has been defying expectations and taking more and more risks with its storylines, its central relationships and its characters. ‘Date Expectations’ took the show to a place I don’t think any of us could have imagined when it started out and, on top of all the other thing’s it’s done right this year, it makes me excited about what the writers might have planned for the remaining three hours. There’s no telling whether the show will be renewed for a third season but, if this is the last of it, at least it’ll go out on a creative high. The main event was of course Walt and Bennett’s storyline, which pushed them to be relevant again after the swiftly dealt-with coming out storyline. I can’t name a teen drama that has pushed its gay character (and let’s face it, there’s usually only one) back into the closet after they’ve found the strength to step outside as themselves but, by introducing the issue of AIDS to their story, we now have a very legitimate reason for that to happen. Scared away from the world he so wanted to be a part of, it’s possible we’ll now be watching Walt try to regain the layers of protection he had before. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/01/11/the-carrie-diaries-season-2-review-date-expectations/

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “Under Pressure”

So Sebastian’s big move on  The Carrie Diaries  lasted about half an hour and now he’s back in Carrie’s world and, oddly, living in Larissa’s old loft while she goes and gives the whole marriage thing a try. Was this the right way to go after the epic-ness of the Carrie/Sebastian romance in the weeks leading up to Christmas? It wouldn’t have been the way I’d have chosen, but it’s still nice to have the two of them together again. Does this mean that Sebastian is done with school and readying the NYC setting for Carrie once she also moves on? I really hope so, because ‘Under Pressure’ really highlighted how tired the Castlebury stuff is getting. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/01/04/the-carrie-diaries-season-2-review-under-pressure/

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “The Second Time Around”

Festive Christmas episodes of teen dramas are often just gag-inducing excuses for series to forget everything that’s happened in favor of some syrupy message about good will and family unity. But  The Carrie Diaries  made a good effort to avoid these annoyances in favor of an actual episode that progressed the story and brought the characters together in an organic way. With Carrie and Sebastian back together, it makes sense that she would be thinking about second chances, and that theme reverberated around the rest of the cast, too. It was lovely to watch Sebastian support Carrie in achieving her dreams and, despite the wrinkle of Sebastian having to move to Laguna after being expelled, it looks as if the two of them are finally coming together as equals. Carrie isn’t paranoid about Sebastian being a bad boy and he has, in turn, accepted those parts of her that might interfere with their relationship from time to time. I don’t know what the show intends to do with Sebastian now that he’s moved out of Castlebury, but I hope this doesn’t mean he’s out of the picture for good. Carrie’s chance at an article in Interview might have been the last one, but she proved that you can make it work no matter how high the stakes. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2013/12/21/the-carrie-diaries-season-2-review-the-second-time-around/

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “I Heard a Rumour”

It’s sometimes hard for me to marry the idea of this sweet, innocent Carrie Bradshaw with the girl we watched on  Sex and the City  for six years, but her first adventure with the gossip mongers on Page Six this week saw  The Carrie Diaries  move towards the big city life that has been teased all season. For a change, however, it was the small town plot lines that made the most impact this week, and I dare say I was far more invested in the Carrie/Sebastian/Maggie stuff than I was with anything Larissa and Samantha did. That’s a first for me and, as I suspected last week when the word ‘abortion’ was uttered (still a rarity of any teen drama), Maggie’s storyline has been mined for maximum drama. I don’t mean that as a criticism, either, as I feel like the storyline was sensitively handled even if the decision of whether to terminate her pregnancy was ultimately taken away from her by medical complications. It was also a little different to have Sebastian be the one guiding her along, since whenever a television show dares to tackle an abortion storyline, it’s usually punctuated by the idea of sisterhood. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2013/12/14/the-carrie-diaries-season-2-review-i-heard-a-rumour/

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “The Safety Dance”

If there had been any more nods to Carrie’s ultimate destiny on this week’s  The Carrie Diaries , we may as well have been back in the early 90s. This season of the show had made a huge effort to draw itself nearer to the series we already know and love and, with Carrie now taking a writing class in the city and spending less and less time in the school halls with Mouse, Sebastian and Maggie, I can only think this is going to increase. But one thing we’re already done away with is Carrie’s new beau, Weaver, as it proved a relationship containing two writers was just too heavy to deal with at her age. At least we’ve done away with the whole virginity issue and, with Carrie getting the wrong end of the stick about Maggie’s sleepover, she is free to date as much as she likes. Getting a B+ on her first Sex and the City-esque essay might not have encouraged her, but maybe being young, free and single in New York will give her the first batch of fodder for her eventual career as a columnist. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2013/12/06/the-carrie-diaries-season-2-review-the-safety-dance/