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The Challenge

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Wednesdays, 8:00 PM EST on MTV
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33 Seasons, 499 Episodes
60 Minutes
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What you get when you take several people from sister shows The Real World and Road Rules and make them compete against each other for cash prizes.


Sailing To Victory

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The Johnny and Kenny alliance are now freaking out because they all assume Ev will win the final faceoff and take their key. They all arrive to find out the next faceoff is "Water Bound" where they will be shackled at the ankles and dropped in the water with a weight. They must continuously bounce up and sink back down with the weight. The person who holds the weight the longest wins. Dan is the first to go out followed by Kelly Anne and then Johanna giving the win to Ev who also wins a $3,000 Shell gift card. Johnny is freaking out and they decide to have Kenny talk Ev into taking someone else's key and then they will have a Johnny/Kenny/Derrick and Ev boat the the Island. As the deliberation; Ev decides to take Dunbar's key as many feel he didn't actually earn it as it was handed to him by Abe. TJ then makes the pick boat mates. Paula is stunned and hurt when she learns her alliance has kicked her out of their boat for Ev. The two boats end up being Kenny, Johnny, Derrick and Ev in the red boat while Robin, Paula, Ryan and Jen are in the blue boat. The final air drops arrives with their last pieces of their boats and instructions to finish it now and head to the island. Both teams get out in the water pretty close but the red boat pulls ahead and reaches the island first. They all unlock the treasure chest to receive their checks for $75,000 each. They all celebrate but it's bittersweet for Kenny as he knows he broke Paula's heart.

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