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The Challenge

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Wednesdays, 8:00 PM EST on MTV
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60 Minutes
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What you get when you take several people from sister shows The Real World and Road Rules and make them compete against each other for cash prizes.


Money Changes Everything

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The Challenge S2E1
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We start off with six ex-Real Worlders and six ex-Road Rulers being led into a baseball stadium blindfolded. We then see a limo being followed by a armored truck. Inside the limo is this year's Mr. Big - David from the Real World Los Angeles. We are introduced to our teams- Real World Beth from Real World Los Angeles Neil from Real World London Jason from Real World Boston Montana from Real World Boston Janet from Real World Seattle Nathan from Real World Seattle Road Rules Mark from Road Rules 1 Kayle from Road Rules Islands Kefla from Road Rules Australia Anne from Road Rules Northern Trail Roni from Road Rules Northern Trail Noah from Road Rules Northern Trail From his limo, David is patched over the PA system in the stadium. He tells the players that they can take off their blindfolds and they have to look for the gold dollar. A helicopter flies over with a bag and drops thousands of fake money with David's picture on it. They have to find the one Gold Dollar that is mixed in there. They all take off their blindfolds and start running after the money flying around. Nathan finds it as all of the cast starts to hug and catch up on old times. They are then brought outside where they meet Mr. Big. David tells them that they will be competing against each other in a chance to win up to $50,000. He tells them that there will be 5 events and each event they win will be more time in the Money Chamber at the end of the challenge where they will grab for money as it blows around them. Since Nathan found the gold dollar, the Real World team gets to ride to their first mission in a limo. The Road Rulers have to ride in a van. David gives them their first clue that says "This mission will have you rolling in circles". They pack in their limo/van and ride off. The Road Rules team is cramped while the Real Worlders are partying. On the way up we learn that Neil now has his PhD and is now "Dr. Neil". They arrive at their mission site and see Roller Bladers spinning around on a track and they figure their mission will be a Roller Derby. They are given jerseys, they practice a little, and they're ready to go. They do a couple rounds and Road Rules is dominating. Beth gets slammed and falls twisting her ankle, leaving her to sit out the rest of the mission. Real World finally gets a point but it's not enough. Road Rules wins the mission 3 to 1 and receive one minute in the Money Chamber. Since Road Rules won, they get the luxury bus to travel to the next mission in, while the Real World team receives a really old torn apart Winnebago. They are given a pillow which they realize has a tape player inside. They rip it open and play it- "On the mark, get set, beddy bye time". On the way to the next mission they discover there is a little challenge within the challenge. The "Teddy Bear Steal" is a game where there is a hook in the bus and in the RV. The goal of the game is to make sure the bear stays in your team's vehicle. The team that has the bear in the end of the challenge wins a additional $3,000. Since the Real World team lost first and have the RV, the bear starts in their possession. That night in the RV park, Road Rules invites the Real World team over to their bus, to get them out of the RV in order for them to take the bear which they are successful. The night also leads to certain cast mates to start flirting, a connection seems to be forming between Janet and Jason. The following morning, Beth's Ankle seems to have doubled in size. She is taken to a hospital where she is given crutches and told to stay off of it for one week.

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