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The Challenge

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Wednesdays, 8:00 PM EST on MTV
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60 Minutes
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What you get when you take several people from sister shows The Real World and Road Rules and make them compete against each other for cash prizes.


Round 'Em Up

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The Challenge S5E10
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Now...The Real Challenge Begins!!! In the Real World villa, the team is starting to stress out knowing they are now only fighting to win the $$$. Over in the Road Rules villa, the team is finally starting to have fun and smiling, which shocks Theo when Holly smiles. Holly says she's no longer mad at Emily since the whole conspiring against Chadwick leading to his elimination. They get the clue for the next mission. It states they will need to be wearing jeans. Right away, they know they will be riding something, they just don't know if it's a bull, horse, etc. The Real World team, now that the elimination process is off their shoulders, feel they can beat the Road Rules team. They arrive at their mission site and find out their next mission will be "Round 'Em Up". The team will be riding horses and will be timed on who can get a calf in their pin first. The team with the lowest score wins a $2,000 shopping spree to Urban Outfitters. Each team is given two hours to pick a horse and practice riding their new friend. The competition begins and the times go as- 1)RW-Sean & Elka= :15 2)RW-Danny & Kelley= :16 3)RR-Timmy & Emily= :25 4)RR-Dan & Tara= :39 5)RW-Mike & Coral= 1:09 6)RR-Theo & Holly= 1:57 With the quickest time of 15 seconds, Elka & Sean take home the shopping spree. After the competition, the teams go into the town of Cabo. They all go a Internet cafe where Emily receives a e-mail from Chadwick blaming her for him not being with his wife right now and basically calling her the devil. Emily fears that since his wife is still there, it sets up for the two of them never to speak again for the rest of the competition. On the way back to the hotel, Timmy lets Emily know that he received the same e-mail and it was enough to make him laugh. After dinner, they all got together to hang out. Holly decided to tell the story of how Chadwick and her met. During her story, Coral acted to fall asleep of boredom and started mimicking the way she talked in which Holly caught her. The following morning, Tara tells Holly that Emily got a e-mail from Chadwick. Tara told Holly that Emily just deleted the e-mail, and Holly was just amazed how much denial Emily has. Holly believes that Emily made up the whole alliance talk to save her dignity with the other teams, and in the process made Chadwick and Holly look like the bad guys. Holly wishes Emily would just appologize. We end with Holly talking to Chadwick on the phone saying she wishes he was there!!!

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