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The Challenge

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Wednesdays, 8:00 PM EST on MTV
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What you get when you take several people from sister shows The Real World and Road Rules and make them compete against each other for cash prizes.


Who to Vote Off?

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The Challenge S5E3
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We start off with shots of Cabo San Lucas and how Hurricane Juliette has destroyed a lot of it. The teams go back to visit the villas to find everything including the beach has been destroyed. Kelley says "Thank-God" that Hurricane came cause it really brought everybody closer together. The Real World team is kinda stressed on how or who they will vote next. So, they decide, If Real World wins, to have the winning team kick back some of the money to the previous teams that were booted and then just get rid of the weakest team each elimination round. That way Real World will have the strongest team. Stephen suggests that they all put a signature down on paper, but the team says they all trust each other. Sean is on a porch stating their stagedy is to vote off the lowest scoring team but there is alot of people who want to get rid of Stephen, allwhile Stephen is peaking around from the other porch listening. Jisela and Piggy play a game of Scrabble and Jisela decides to ask Piggy what happened in the first Inner Circle, cause she heard that Holly and Chadwick monopolized the decesion and Timmy and Emily were just kinda forced to vote for Yes and Veronica. Piggy asks what she's talking about cause as far as she knows the three teams that made the first Inner Circle have a alliance to stay there. The other Road Rules team members find out about this and are pissed. Emily says that Timmy and her were approached by Holly and Chadwick to make this alliance and they fear that if they don't join this alliance then they would be the next team to be voted off. Piggy runs off and tells Chadwick the story of what is happening. Chadwick decides to get all the Road Rules teams together and have a meeting/pow-wow. Chadwick is confronted by Jisela who wants to know if there is alliance or not between the top 3 teams. Chadwick said he or Holly never approached Emily about a alliance, and now Emily tries to change her story, saying "maybe 'approach' was the wrong word". Jisela tells Chadwick to his face that he has made this a not-fun event for the rest of the Road Rules team. Chadwick goes off about him having the strongest team, he thinks the whole meeting was crap, and that he's breaking the alliance they had. Emily fears that if Timmy and her fall out of the Inner Circle, Chadwick and Piggy will get them voted off. The Real World girls get together to talk about Stephen. Coral says that Stephen has 9 pages of legal-pad paper full of notes and quotes he's taking from/about people on the team. Lindsey apologizes for Stephen and tells them that it's very hard to understand Stephen, but underneath all that anger and freakyness, he's a good person. Lindsey knows that they agreed to vote off the lowest scoring team, but Lindsey feels if Stephens actions continue to eat at the group, then they'll be the next to go. At the hotel, Mark and Eric tell the teams that there will be a competition that will take place in the pool. They arrive at the pool to find inter-tubes spread out in the water and they learn that they will have to walk around the pool with their hands on the waist of the person in front of them to music and once the music stops that will have to jump in and get themselves into a inner-tube. The person left without a inner-tube will be eliminated with their partner(Ex. Musical Chairs). The last team remaining wins a guitar package from Fender. The first round starts and the music stops, everyone jumps in and madness begins, there's elbowing, hitting, thrashing. We see Stephen getting into a tube that Becky had and elbowing her right in the jaw. The water calms as we see Piggy left without a Inner-tube, you can hears screams of excitement from the Road Rules team as they know this will drop them out of the Inner Circle and put them up for elimination. Piggy fears they will be voted off...

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