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The Challenge

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Wednesdays, 8:00 PM EST on MTV
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What you get when you take several people from sister shows The Real World and Road Rules and make them compete against each other for cash prizes.


Stairway To Heaven

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The Challenge S6E13
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We start off with Emily commenting on that there is many girls at the challenge walking around in bikini tops and she can't help but feel jealous and vulnerable that James would try to hook up with someone else. We then hear from Melissa and Ayanna that awhile back James helped Veronica move into her apartment and it's rumored that they may have fooled around. They arrive at the mission site to find two sets of about six ladders strung together zigzagged going up to a platform hanging from a crane about 80 feet in the air. The mission is called "Stairway To Heaven" Along the ladder path there is different sections painted in different colors. They have a total of 1 minute to climb and for each section the contestant passes they earn 5 points for a total of 80 points possible if they make it to the top. The team that has the most points wins $1,000 for each teammate provided by Atari's Mission Impossible. Also, the person that makes it to the top in the fastest time wins the Ion Lifesaver. We start and times go as follows- Colin - Not Shown Genesis - 60 Points Anne - 60 Points Ayanna - 65 Points Lori - 70 Points Ellen - 70 Points Veronica - 80 Points - 59:99 seconds Syrus - 80 Points - 55:86 seconds Shane - 80 Points - 55:53 seconds Blair - 80 Points - 47:23 seconds Emily - 80 Points - 45:09 seconds James - 80 Points - 39:43 seconds Antoine - 80 Points - 36:67 seconds Eric - 80 Points - 34:56 seconds Mark - 80 Points - 34:63 seconds Ruthie - 80 Points - 33:31 seconds Jamie - 80 Points - 28:77 seconds With the fastest time, Jamie wins the Ion Lifesaver and the guys win the $1,000 each. Back at the scoreboard, we see the Inner Circles are- Girls 1)Ruthie from Real World Hawaii 2)Ellen from Road Rules The Quest 3)Emily from Road Rules 2 Guys 1)Mark from Road Rules 1 2)Colin from Real World Hawaii 3)Jamie from Real World New Orleans Syrus notices he is at the bottom of the guy's list only one point behind Blair. Anne also notices she is at the bottom of the girl's list and she just figures she will be going home. In the girls Inner Circle, Ruthie and Ellen want to go with the lowest scorer - Anne. But Emily brings up Veronica's name again. She says that she is mean and only bad for the girls team. Ruthie says it would only be practical to vote from the bottom up and Emily agrees but she thinks they should start that trend tomorrow after voting Veronica out. Emily tells Ruthie and Ellen that the whole team hates Veronica and wants her gone, so Ruthie and Ellen fall for it. At the elimination ceremony, the guy's Inner Circle goes up first and announces that they're sending Syrus home since he is the lowest scorer. The girl's Inner Circle goes up next, Emily just mainly spits it out that they are sending Veronica home. She also tells Veronica that she can come up and say anything she likes. Veroinca decides to keep her mouth shut, she says if she speaks with her heart right now, she will say stuff thay she'll end up regretting. But she does say she is dissapointed and hurt. Shane decides to go up and says he respects the girls decision but points out that they have been losing alot lately and now he knows why cause they choose friendship over winnership. They sent Julie, Rachel, and now Veronica home when they were some of the top scorers. Jamie goes up to hand out the Ion Lifesaver, he says he was first gonna give it to Blair but has decided to give it to Veronica. Some of the girls team and the guys team party and think it was the best thing that Jamie has screwed the girl's Inner Circle. But Johnny pulls them aside and tells them that the rule of the Ion Lifesaver is to tell the host before the elimination ceremony who they are saving and Jamie did not do that. But since Jamie announced he was going to give it to Blair first, he has to stay with that decision and Veronica must go home. Ruthie and Ellen pull Emily aside, they say they were told that most of the girls team felt Veronica should go home and now that she is going home, the girl's team seems upset. They didn't want the same thing that happened when Rachel went home to occur again. Emily says she is not there to make the team happy. Veronica tells Ellen that she has learn that she can't trust anyone. She says that she still hopes the girl's team can do well even though they are voting off the wrong people. Syrus and Veronica say their goodbyes.

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