The CollegeHumor Show Episode Guide

What happens when that "real world" our parents warned us about never quite comes to pass? The CollegeHumor Show is a new scripted comedy series written by and starring the actual staff of When they're not creating some of today's most popular Internet comedy, the staffers are turning their workplace into a chaotic, not entirely mature, play land - with a functioning ball pit. Based in CH's actual New York office, the show combines the energy and absurdity of their online videos with all-new office storylines, bringing all of the best things about the site to the big(ger) screen.

Episode Guide

6 episodes

  • 6 episodes
    6 episodes
    • s1e6Armageddon
      March 15, 2009
    • s1e5Hot Girl
      March 8, 2009
    • s1e4Sarah's New Boyfriend
      March 1, 2009
    • s1e3The Morning After
      February 22, 2009
    • s1e2Interns
      February 15, 2009
    • s1e1Rival Site
      February 8, 2009