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FX's 'The Comedians' Canceled After One Season

Showrunner Ben Wexler announced that the Billy Crystal and Josh Gad comedy would not be returning.   Read More... //

THE COMEDIANS: Stephnie Weir Previews Kristens Very Bad Day

Things are getting hectic in tonights episode of THE COMEDIANS, as the team is faced with writing a new sketch at the last minuteon July 4th. Naturally, things are a bit tense, and for Kristen (Stephnie Weir) the day goes from bad to worse. (It doesnt help that Kristen has a very bad history with [] //

'The Comedians' Billy Crystal: 'I've never, I don't think, done stupid stuff'

Zap2it: What was it about the original Swedish version that prompted you to sign up for the Americanization of "The Comedians"?Billy Crystal: It was such a beautifully constructed situation to pair a veteran comedian with a younger comedian. It just seemed like such a great format, and they had these wonderful sketches, and the work was the subtlety that I loved to do when I started out working with Chris Guest and Rob [Reiner] and "[This Is] Spinal Tap" and the stuff we did at "SNL" ["Saturday Night Live"] ... so it felt like a total package to me. Why go elsewhere?We already have this beautifully constructed theme to play, which was this different point of view about comedy. It just seemed like a perfect setup.RELATED: 'The Comedians' gives Stephnie Weir 'Mad TV' flashbacksZap2it: How important is it for you to have a say as an executive producer of "The Comedians" as well as a... //

THE COMEDIANS: Stephnie Weir on FXs New Meta Comedy

FX is going meta with its newest comedy series. THE COMEDIANS which debuts tonight at 10 PM follows Billy Crystal and Josh Gad, who play fictionalized versions of themselves, as they team up to work on a new FX comedy series. In the show, the duo dont exactly mesh, and everyone around them [] //

'The Comedians' Billy Crystal on Playing Himself: It's "Ironically Great"

The comedy vet premiered his new FX show with Josh Gad on Thursday.   Read More... //

Billy Crystal on Why He Returned to TV for The Comedians

Billy Crystal and co-star Josh Gad open up about what it's like to play themselves - as antagonists - in FX's new series The Comedians.   Read More... //

The Comedians Shoot For Painfully Funny, Billy Crystal And Josh Gad Say TCA

Billy Crystal tried to explain to TV critics why hes starring in a new FX comedy series based on a 2004 Swedish series Ulveson And Herngren , that starred comedians Felix Herngren and Johan Ulveson as they put together a sketch program rather than start from scratch. Crystal, whos also one of the writers and EPs on The Comedians , explained its because he hadnt had any thought of doing a TV series and then this show came along and there were 12 episodes and it was //

Billy Crystal Explains TV Return in 'The Comedians'

"At this point in my career, it's a blessing. It reinforces everything I've done my entire career."   Read More... //