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Film Critic Jay Sherman, deals with the differences and struggles of life, divorced and having a child, he must deal with a crazy family, movie stars, and an low rated tv show!

User Reviews

by Industrialcontortion

Apr 07, 2015 4:30 PM EDT

For a few years The Critic was as funny as anything on TV. The cameos by Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel (voicing themselves) were particularly hilarious.

by Chuck_Finley

Dec 11, 2015 8:52 AM EST

Created by the same team that did The Simpsons, Jay Sherman comes to life through not only the witty banter that leaps from his mouth, but also his surrounding characters. Parodying some of cinema's finest, you cannot help but laugh at this obese critic that wants nothing more than to have respect and eat his Charleston Chew. Duke Phillips provides some of the funniest social commentary on the extremely wealthy in our country. Sherman, on the other hand, represents the little man. While making $270k a year, he doesn't rise above anyone else. He reminds all of us of who we are, whether it's running a marathon or trying to clean up his hometown of New York, Sherman represents our desires and wants. One of these desires is to see good cinema. We pay top dollar to see good movies, why does Hollywood continually fill our plate with all the bread we can eat before giving us the main course? Suddenly, we are too full to enjoy it.