The Flintstones Episode Guide

The Flintstones was a parody on modern suburban life, set in the Stone Age. The characters in the cartoon series all behaved and spoke in a contemporary manner, though they lived in the prehistoric city of Bedrock. Fred worked as operator of a dinosaur-powered crane at Rock Hard & Quarry Cave Construction Co. (slogan: "Own Your Own Cave and Be Secure"). Around their split-level cave the Flintstones enjoyed such conveniences as Wilma's Stoneway piano, a hi-fi on which Fred could play his "rock" music (it consisted of a turntable and a bird with a long beak to serve as a needle), a vacuum cleaner (a baby elephant with a long trunk), and an automatic garbage disposal unit (a famished buzzard stashed under the sink). Their car, which sported tail fins, also came equipped with steamroller wheels--to smooth out the rocky road.

Episode Guide

175 episodes

  • 8 episodes
    8 episodes
    • s7e13A Flintstones Christmas Carol
      November 21, 1994
    • s7e12A Flintstone Family Christmas
      December 19, 1993
    • s7e9The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones
      November 9, 1987
    • s7e7Jogging Fever
      October 11, 1981
    • s7e5Fred's Final Fling
      November 7, 1980
    • s7e4The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone
      October 30, 1980
    • s7e3The Flintstones' New Neighbors
      September 26, 1980
    • s7e1A Flintstone Christmas
      December 7, 1977
  • 27 episodes
    27 episodes
  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
  • 28 episodes
    28 episodes
  • 32 episodes
    32 episodes
  • 28 episodes
    28 episodes