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'The Following's' Shawn Ashmore Boards ABC Drama 'Conviction'

Opposite 'Agent Carter' star Hayley Atwell.   Read More... //

The Following EP: Here's How Season 4 Might've Played Out

For a second, lets imagine that The Following wasnt cancelled, and that 2016 would see thereturn of Ryan Hardy and hisvendetta against a mysterious organization of super-rich serial killers (or whatever Campbell was hinting at in Mondays series finale). What would that plot have looked like? TVLine asked executive producer/co-showrunner Alexi Hawley to give us [] //

What 'The Following' Season 4 could have been

As far as "Following" fans know, Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) could be in Berlin by now. At the end of Monday (May 18) night's series finale, the troubled hero takes one last look at his family and drifts into the wind, knowing that he can never be happy until every threat to his loved ones is dead or behind bars. So begins his life as a vigilante. But who exactly will he be chasing after? The finale left open a lot of possibilities for a fourth season, but since the series has come to a close, co-executive producer Alexi Hawley was willing to share a potential storyline with Zap2it. According to Hawley, the next season could have been all about the mysterious, dangerous and affluent people Lisa (Diane Neal) and Eliza (Annet Mahendru) were in cahoots with."The thing that was really interesting to us about [Eliza] and about what Lisa Campbell says to Ryan... //

The FollowingSeries Finale Q&A: What Happened to Ryan Hardy?

Executive Producer Alexi Hawley spills the beans on the final episode.   Read More... //

The Following Series Finale: EP Talks Rogue Ryan, No-Show Joe and 'Forever Together' Mike and Max

Warning: The following contains spoilers fromThe Followings series finale. Its a good thing Ryan Hardy has a pacemaker, because after the devastating events of The Followings series finale, his heart is going to need a lot of help to keep beating. Did you expect anything less? executive producer and co-showrunner Alexi Hawley asks, laughing. For [] //

THE FOLLOWING Series Finale Post-Mortem: Brett Mahoney on Ryans Sacrifice, and What Would Have Been Season 4

[Warning: this post contains spoilers for THE FOLLOWINGs series finale.] THE FOLLOWING ended its three season run with death, betrayaland one heck of a set up for the (not happening) fourth season. Ryan and Theos faceoff took them to a bridge (where Theo had Ryans pregnant ex-girlfriend, Gwen), and Ryan shot Theo in the head. [] //

The Following Series Finale Sneak Peek: Will Mike Make It?

Right from its beginning,The Following has been all about death. But by the time the Fox thriller wraps tonight, will Mike Weston be yetanother body on the pile Joe Carroll started years ago? RELATED May Sweeps Scorecard 2015: Weddings, Deaths, Breakups, Sex, Resurrections, Firings and More! The exclusive clip from tonights two-hour series finale (Fox, [] //

Is There Yet Another Mole on The Following?

  As The Following draws to a close with a two-hour series finale Monday, Ryan Hardy ( Kevin Bacon ) isn't quite out of the woods yet. His final showdown with Theo ( Michael Ealy ) will reveal a shocking betrayal. We know that the late Joe Carroll ( James Purefoy ), Lily Gray (Connie Nielsen) and Theo are ...   Read More...   //

THE FOLLOWING Boss on the Series Finale: All Bets Are Off

THE FOLLOWING is ending its run next week with a two-hour series finale, and the action doesnt slow down for one minute. [In] the final two hours, well be picking up directly from episode 13 with the brutal stabbing of Mike, and Mikes life hanging in the balance, THE FOLLOWING co-showrunner Brett Mahoney teased. And [] //

Kevin Bacon thanks 'Following' fans

Fox canceled The Following on Friday, and while the show is currently being shopped around to other distribution platforms, star Kevin Bacon used the opportunity to thank the series loyal fans and crew. Big love to all of our loyal fans. Its been an honor to work for you. Sweat,tears,... //