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THE FOLLOWING: Kill the Messenger Photos

Joe Carroll is potentially in the final days of his life on THE FOLLOWING, and now that he knows that Ryan Hardy has no intention of attending his execution, Joes going to lash out. You will see Joe act out in a way as a result of the fact that Ryan says hes not coming, [] //

THE FOLLOWING: Brett Mahoney on Ryans Spiral, Theos Rage, Marks OMG-Worthy Return, and More

THE FOLLOWINGs Ryan Hardy is in trouble. Though Ryan started off the year in a better place, his composure has been gradually slippingand having to reunite with Joe Carroll for his current case only accelerated the process. And now with Ryan struggling to maintain his composure (no thanks to some very unsettling Joe-centric dreams) while [] //

'The Following's' Zuleikha Robinson trusts Gwen now

It seems as if almost every person that has entered Ryan Hardy's life on "The Following" has turned out to have some sort of dangerous secret up their sleeve. Because of that, it's no wonder why viewers are wary of Hardy's girlfriend, Gwen (Zuleikha Robinson). At first glance, his newest love interest seems to be genuine and kind. But for fans of the FOX series, it's hard to believe that anyone on the show is perfectly honest about who they are, especially when it comes to Hardy's girlfriends. However, even though Robinson admits that she's wondered about Gwen's true intentions in the past, she trusts the character now. "I know that online a lot of people are wondering if Gwen's bad and it's kind of fun that the audience thinks that she is," Robinson tells Zap2it. "There [were] some moments when I was reading the script when I wondered to myself, 'Wait a second,... //

'The Following's' Theo is always one step ahead of Ryan Hardy - Zap2it First

Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) just can't catch a break during Season 3 of "The Following." Although he's not out of his league when it comes to catching Strauss' "best student" and he always has a lead or two to work with, it seems like he and the gang are forever one step behind Theo (Michael Ealy). In Zap2it's exclusive look at Monday's (April 13) episode, "Flesh and Blood," Theo is seen watching Hardy and Mike through a camera system as the pair investigate an almost-empty house.After Hardy stumbles across a bag containing Theo's badge -- or rather, "Sam Luis"s' badge -- he realizes that he's being watched by a camera in the corner of the room. Theo then adjusts the camera so that both men know that they're looking at each other. (Who else has chills?)RELATED: 'The Following' EP says Michael Ealy's character isn't a 'Joe knockoff'Theo is playing a game of cat and... //

THE FOLLOWING Exclusive Sneak Peek: Producers, Michael Ealy Tease Theo and Ryan Meeting

Things are heating up for THE FOLLOWINGs newest big bad, Theo. In the exclusive video preview of this Mondays new hour, Flesh & Blood, (below) co-showrunner Alexi Hawley shared, Episode 8 is a big moment in the hunt for Theoand he ultimately ends up having to scramble to keep us away from him during the [] //

The Following Recruits Americans Double Agent Annet Mahendru

The Americans Annet Mahendru has a brand-new (perhaps bloody?) mission. The actress will figure prominently in Foxs The Following toward the end ofthis season, TVLine has learned exclusively. RELATED May Sweeps Scorecard 2015: Weddings, Deaths, Breakups, Sex, Resurrections, Firings and More! Mahendrus Eliza is described as very sexy, very dangerous but also very sophisticated and [] //

THE FOLLOWING: Flesh & Blood Photos

While THE FOLLOWINGs Theo and Ryan are on a collision course in tonights brand new episode. And though the photos from Flesh & Blood dont showcase that particular angle, the FBI is hot on the case Related: THE FOLLOWING Exclusive Sneak Peek: Producers, Michael Ealy Tease Theo and Ryan Meeting THE FOLLOWING: The Hunt Photos [] //

'The Following's' Michael Ealy on Being the "Best" Serial Killer: Theo "Doesn't Make Mistakes"

"If Theo never met Ryan Hardy or any FBI agents he would be killing the rest of his life in perfect peace, like some great painter," the actor tells THR.   Read More... //

'The Following's' Joe Carroll will play a 'very big part' in Season 3, even from jail

If there's one thing that fans of "The Following" know, it's that Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) will never be able to get rid of Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). He can put Joe in jail as many times as he likes, but he'll never be able to loosen that murderous noose around his neck. And come Monday's (March 30) episode, Joe will be back in Ryan's life once again. According to executive producer Alexi Hawley, Joe will play a "very big part" throughout the season like he has in years past. "The reality of it is that Joe is on death row in Virginia for the crimes that he was originally on death row for when the series began," Hawley tells Zap2it. "That being said, Joe Carroll does have tricks up his sleeve. The storyline we play between him and Ryan is dynamic and blood is shed." RELATED: 'The Following's' latest casualty hopes his partner... //

Following Video: Ryan Unearths Daisy and Kyle's True Identities

The Followings sexed-up slaughterers will be less of a mystery but probablymore of a threat after this weeks episode, according to this exclusive sneak peek at the hour. In the video above, showrunnersAlexi Hawley and Brett Mahoney preview the Fox thrillers two-hour outing (Monday, 8/7c), in which Kyle and Daisy help Mark prepare [] //