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Top 10 Creepiest Moments from 'The Following' Season 3

It was a hit and miss final season for The Following . More miss than hit whether it be the Eyes Wide Shut Meets Saw secret society or the machete wielding, mirror-hating ?The Madman?. Given there were more laugh-out-loud moments during the third season of this onetime goosebumps-inducing psychological thriller, it's no surprise the show got axed. Even though The Following went out with a whimper as opposed to a bang, there were times when we were reminded of why we fell in love with The Following in the first place. Here are the creepiest moments from season 3.   Read More... //

'The Following': 15 Distressing Deaths and Near-Deaths from the Series Finale

The Following Season 3 finale saw many deaths and mayhem before the last second of the series. While both heroes and villains died, it was heartbreaking to watch it all unfold. In the end, Ryan Hardy moved from a rule-breaking FBI agent to a full-fledged vigilante on a quest for justice. Check out the distressing deaths and near-deaths from The Following series finale. For more on what happened check out the recap.   Read More... //

The Following Season Review: How Did It All End?

Well that was an intense, wild ride to close out the series! Chances are if the writers had known this would be the final episode, The Following Season 3 Episode 14 would have ended a little differently. Are you satisfied with how it all turned out?   Read More...   //

'The Following' Series Finale Recap: Does Ryan Hardy Go Rogue for the Last Time?

I feel like we should be praising Ryan Hardy after the series finale of The Following . But I'm getting ahead of myself. In the first hour, "Dead or Alive," Ryan puts all of his loved ones in protective custody, but can former agent Mendez and her family survive the wrath of Theo and Daisy? And in the final hour, "The Reckoning," the tables are turned as Theo kidnaps Ryan and wants to seek revenge for Penny's death. Meanwhile, it seems there's another mole in the FBI who is working with an unexpected group.   Read More... //

The Following: Series Finale Review

In the final episode of The Following, Ryan races to find Theo while also trying to protect those closest to him.   Read More... //

'The Following' series finale: Ryan Hardy's vigilante life could make him happy

Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) leads a grim, lightless life on "The Following," and Monday's (May 18) series finale of the FOX drama drove that point home one last time. The episode asked, "Can Ryan ever be happy?" and with its final scene it quite curtly answered, "No, he can not." After getting kidnapped by Eliza, learning that Lisa was the FBI mole the entire time -- twist! -- and then falling into a freezing river with Theo after saving Gwen, Ryan pulls a fast one on his loved ones and fakes his death. As he painstakingly stares into the hospital room where Max, Mike and Gwen -- who's carrying his unborn child -- are all hugging each other in sorrow, he seems to let go of any chance of happiness and walks out the door like he's about to find some bad guys to kill. So goes the life of Ryan Hardy.Zap2it spoke with... //

'The Following': Who survived the series finale?

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the series finale of The Following . Read at your own risk! Quoth the raven, Nevermore. The Following signed off on Monday by answering the question of whether Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) could actually get a happy...   Read More... //

19 'Following' Follies from 'The Edge' and 'A Simple Trade'

Mistakes and poor judgement were the norm for both the supposed heroes and villains on The Following Season 3 Episode 12 and 13. The line between the sides of good and evil were also certainly blurred with the FBI agents crossing lines to either protect themselves or to get the job done. Check out the horrible follies from "The Edge" and "A Simple Trade," which ultimately led to several deaths. For more on what happened, check the recap.   Read More... //

The Following Review: Tying Up Loose Ends

That was an awful lot to digest, wasn't it? I feel like I need a moment to process all that just happened on The Following Season 3 Episode 12 and The Following Season 3 Episode 13 . With only one more week until the two hour series finale, some loose ends were tied up while we must hope the rest are wrapped up, as well. I am going to be pretty upset if this series ends on a cliffhanger!   Read More...   //

'The Following' Recap: How Many More Lives are Lost as Ryan Tracks Theo?

Now that Ryan has fallen off the wagon, he has gone further off the rails than ever before on The Following . We've seen him go rogue in the past, breaking the law to get answers and find Joe Carroll, but his obsession could cost him a lot more than just his sanity. In "The Edge," Ryan tracks down Theo's sister, Penny, to get answers but doesn't tell anyone about his solo interrogation at his apartment. And in "A Simple Trade," Max and Ryan team up to try and rescue Mike.   Read More... //