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'The Following' Recap: It's a Cult

What a follow-up to The Following premiere. It was a shocking hour of reveals and manipulations. And, what about those Poe masks? Freaky! "Chapter Two" provided background on the relationships between Ryan and Claire, as well as, between Emma and Jacob. Both couples were brought together due to Joe and are both being manipulated by him even if in different ways.  //

The Following "Chapter Two" Review: Jordy Remembers About the Rabbits

This show so far is like watching a baby horse being born: It's gross, gory, kind of a train wreck, lacks grace, and, when it tries to stand up, it's shaky at best. //

Review: 'The Following' - 'Chapter Two'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Chapter Two," the January 28 episode of FOX's "The Following," in which one of Joe's disciples begins killing, and Ryan gets a new supervisor. //

The Following Season 1 Review “Pilot”

At this month’s Television Critics  Association press tour, Kevin Reilly  talked a lot about trying to apply the best parts  of the cable model to network  television. Telling one concrete, well-plotted story over 10-13 episodes while attracting big name stars to carry "high-concept" shows. The prototype for this new model appears to be  The Following . Comments from various people involved with the show, including Reilly, are immensely excited about its prospects. With Kevin Bacon at the center of a show that allows James Purefoy to do James Purefoy things, and the risque content of the show, the expectations for the show both within the network and in the zeitgeist are sky high. READ MORE...

TV REVIEW: Kevin Bacon And James Purefoy Trade Cliches In 'The Following'

Joe Carroll is a serial killer. The good news is he's in jail. The bad news is he's had access to the internet, and used his decade inside to cultivate a countrywide cult of like-minded believers - these are 'The Following'. Cue the latest big-budget offering from the States - what its creator Kevin Williamson is calling "part procedural, part soap opera, part horror". 'The Following' - EVERYTHING you'd expect from this kind of TV thriller, rescued by Kevin Bacon Last night's UK debut on Sky Atlantic was some kind of meta-nod to everything that's ever gone before in primetime - as well as star Kevin Bacon 's own, early-on, horror-flick portfolio. Read More... //

'The Following' - 'Pilot'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall invites his readers to offer their reviews of "The Following," the new FOX drama starring Kevin Bacon as a former FBI profiler and James Purefoy as the serial killer who brings him out of retirement. //

'The Following' Series Premiere Recap - Is It Worth Following?

After months of hype, The Following finally premiered last night on Fox and, for the most part, the first episode did not disappoint. Created by Kevin Williamson, the brainchild behind the Scream m... //

Most Shocking Moments from 'The Following' Series Premiere

The Following is a thriller that is filled with both surprising and shocking moments. We break down those moments from the series premiere. //

'The Following' Premiere Recap: Lord Help My Poor Soul

Welcome to a new kind of serial killer story on The Following . It's not a procedural, but a serialized drama about a killer and cult leader that is obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe and telling a story. Instead of writing a book (which he already did), his murderous tale is going to play out in real life. //

The Following Review: A Murderous Masterpiece

And away we Poe! Following much hype and mostly positive reviews from critics around the country, The Following debuted on Fox tonight, introducing viewers to serial killer Joe Carroll on the pilot , along with vodka-imbibing ex-FBI agent Ryan Hardy and, of course, Carroll's deranged flock of admirers. It was an intense hour of television, one that moved at a brisk pace and featured more violence and gore than we've ever witnessed on network television. I loved every second of it. Read More.. //