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'The Following' Spoilers: Joe's Resurrection and Ryan's New Journey Set to Collide

Joe Carroll is alive and well on The Following season 2. And, Ryan's moved on with his life in New York, while continuing a secret investigation into Joe. These two are set on another collision course when a new group of Joe Carroll groupies start killing in his name.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/the-following/the-following-season-2-spoilers-52419.aspx

Kevin Bacon finally loosens up on 'The Following'

Here’s the best thing about the second season premiere of “The Following”: Kevin Bacon finally looks like he’s having a little fun.  Read More... //feeds.latimes.com/~r/latimes/entertainment/news/tv/~3/befCEeD7nDA/la-et-st-0120-the-following-returns-crazier-than-ever-20140120,0,4468420.story

'The Following' premiered early on Sunday, will be re-aired before the next new episode

While the Season 2 premiere of "The Following" earned record high ratings on Sunday (Jan. 19) thanks to the lead in of the NFC championship game, many viewers had some grievances to air after they started playing their recorded episode on their DVRs.If you weren't watching the NFC game and "The Following" live, then you missed the first 12 minutes of the FOX serial killer thriller. The episode started at 10:18 p.m. ET, and most DVRs didn't shift their recordings back from 10:30 p.m. ET to catch the whole episode.FOX did warn viewers that "The Following" premiere would begin immediately after the game ended, "at approximately 10:30 p.m. ET," but apparently the message wasn't enough for many viewers who live and die by their DVRs.For those fans who missed the first 12 minutes of the thrilling episode, put down those pitchforks: FOX will re-air the Season 2 premiere before the next new episode on... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/01/the-following-premiered-early-on-sunday-will-be-re-aired-before-the-next-new-episode.html

'The Following' Season 2 is 'reset,' will be 'less procedural,' says Kevin Williamson

It's been a long break, but"The Following" finally, finally returns to our TV screens with a special preview episode this Sunday (Jan. 19), immediately after the NFC Championship game at approximately 10:30 p.m. ET.But heed executive producer Kevin Williamson's warning: Season 2 is going to look a lot different than Season 1. "I think the entire show's different. I think our characters are in a different starting place, pushing forward a year later," Williamson tells Zap2it. "The entire show has reset, but it's also pushed forward a year. It's all changed."Williamson reveals that the biggest difference between Season 1 and Season 2 is the fact that the episodes will be "less procedural.""It's not such an FBI chase in the sense that Ryan Hardy's [Kevin Bacon] not a consultant smack in the center of an FBI task force trying to find Joey who's been kidnapped," Williamson says. "This story is told from a different starting... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/01/the-following-season-2-is-reset-will-be-less-procedural-says-kevin-williamson.html

The Following: What to Expect From the "More Intense, More Graphic" Season 2

  Though  The Following 's second season doesn't officially get underway until Monday, Jan. 27, Fox will air a special preview episode after the NFC championship game on Sunday, which will catch viewers up on what's happened in the year since the (allegedly) fatal showdown between Ryan Hardy ( Kevin Bacon ) and Joe Carroll ( James Purefoy ).       //www.tvguide.com/News/Following-Season2-1076155.aspx?rss=breakingnews

‘The Following’ EP Teases Season 2, Defends Axing Major Characters: ‘That’s the Fun of Storytelling’

Fox’s “The Following” returns for Season 2 on Sunday, though the shape it took last year is not the one that fans should expect this time around. For one, the antagonist of the entire first run, escaped serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), is presumed dead as a result of the finale’s lighthouse explosion. Don’t believe us? ”It’s pretty clear that Joe dies,” executive producer Marcos Siega told TheWrap . But that doesn’t mean he’s off the show: ”Joe is going to be in the second season — part of the fun for us is how we reveal him,” Siega added. And you won’t have to wait long to spot the deceased mass-murderer — or at least his face. A group of killers in Carroll masks bloody up a subway car in the premiere. And being that the episode is titled “Resurrection,” perhaps Carroll will not stay dead for long.  Read More... //www.thewrap.com/following-fox-kevin-bacon-james-purefoy-violence

The Following Season 2 Interview: Kevin Williamson Talks the Return of Joe, Starting Fresh and More

The Following  season two begins tonight, Sunday, January 19th at 10:30pm ET/PT on Fox, with a special preview episode following the NFC Championship Game. Before returning to the serial killer infested world Ryan (Kevin Bacon) must protect,  TV Equals  chatted with his (and the series’) creator, Kevin Williamson ( The Vampire Diaries ,  Scream ) during a conference call. Williamson discussed the changes ahead in season two, why Joe will be back and much more. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/01/19/the-following-season-2-interview-kevin-williamson-talks-the-return-of-joe-starting-fresh-and-more/

The Following Season 2 Premiere 2014 “Resurrection”

The Following  Season 2 Episode 1 “Resurrection” airs Sunday, January 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Special Night. Episode Synopsis:  The Following Season 2 Episode 1 “Resurrection” – One year after Ryan Hardy’s pursuit of serial killer Joe Carroll, a healthy and healed Ryan is living in New York City. On the surface, it appears Ryan’s gotten his life back together. But deep down, his obsession with Joe continues to grow. Then, on the anniversary of Joe’s death, a new murderous rampage leaves everyone shocked and determined to discover the truth in the all-new “Resurrection” Season Two preview episode of THE FOLLOWING airing at a special time Sunday, Jan. 19 (10:30 PM-12:00 AM ET/7:30-9:00 PM PT), immediately following the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME on FOX. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/01/19/the-following-season-2-premiere-2014-resurrection/

THE FOLLOWING’s Kevin Bacon: Ryan is Still Obsessed with Joe

THE FOLLOWING is back this Sunday, and while a year has passed since the events of season 1, Ryan Hardy hasn’t had the easiest time letting go of Joe Carroll and the destruction he caused. I spoke with THE FOLLOWING star Kevin Bacon (Ryan) at the recent marathon screening event about where viewers should expect […] //www.givememyremote.com/remote/2014/01/16/the-followings-kevin-bacon-ryan-is-still-obsessed-with-joe/

'The Following' Season 2 first look: Meet Jessica Stroup's NYC cop Max Hardy

While anyone on "The Following" is potentially working for Joe Carroll's serial-killing cabal, one of the good guys we'll meet in Season 2 (premiering Sunday, Jan. 19 at 10:30 p.m. on FOX) is Max Hardy, Ryan's niece. Well, she she starts out good -- this is a Kevin Williamson show, so anyone could end up working for the enemy. We'll be introduced to Max, played by "90210" star Jessica Stroup, in the Season 2 premiere as she helps her uncle with his investigation. Want to know more about her? Check out Zap2it's exclusive featurette, below. "She's a New York City cop ... in the intel division," explains Stroup. "She helps Ryan navigate how to get to these people who are creating so much havoc in New York." It's no coincidence that Max has followed Ryan into the family business. "Max has always wanted a relationship with him," says Williamson. "Max idolizes him; Max loves him.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/01/the-following-season-2-first-look-meet-jessica-stroups-nyc-cop-max-hardy.html