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'The Good Place' explores soulmates in 'Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the latest episode of "The Good Place," the NBC sitcom starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson.  ...Read More... //

The Good Place Just Found Its Tom Haverford

  Before he created The Good Place , Michael Schur was the showrunner for Parks and Recreation . That series was renowned for its strong, always-expanding ensemble cast. Amy Poehler was the anchor, but the show was stacked with great characters played by talented comic actors in a way that allowed the  ...Read More... //

Mike Schur on How Following the Rules Led Him to The Good Place

"When I was a kid, I would learn rules and I would just say, 'Okay, that's the rule,' and I would just do that."...    Read More... //

New Shows You Should Watch Based on Your Old Faves

With so many new shows to contemplate adding to your already-overburdened queues, we've identified the recent and upcoming premieres that best match some of the SideReel community's longstanding favorites. So whether you're a fan of witty comedies, epic dramas, or sci-fi mysteries, you're sure to find something fresh to check out. Take a look! If You Like That, You Should Watch This Launch Slideshow What are you considering adding to your SideReel Tracker this fall? Let us know! p { text-align: justify; }

'The Good Place' Interview: Kristen Bell and Ted Danson on How Every Episode Ends Like a Season Finale

Who knew dying could be so complicated? At least that's what Eleanor is discovering on NBC's new comedy The Good Place when an afterlife clerical error puts her in "the good place" even though she was not a very nice person.   ...Read More... //

How Does The Good Place Compare to Other Fictional Heavens?

  NBC's new comedy The Good Place presents a version of the afterlife we haven't quite seen before. In The Good Place , people who have lived virtuous lives are sent to a neighborhood where they and 321 other perfectly chosen souls spend eternity together in perfect harmony. There are many...   Read More...   //

The Good Place: Who Else Is in the Bad Place?

  The Good Place has been on the air for less than a week and we're already three episodes deep. Time flies when you're living in eternal bliss, I guess. Three episodes is enough time to know the rules of the titular Good Place and really get a sense of the tone of the show. It's shaping into a strong ...Read More... //

With The Good Place, NBCs Comedy Lineup Begins to Enter A Well, You Forking Get It

Right now, NBCs entire comedy line-up consists of three shows:The Carmichael Show,Superstore, and .The Good Place, the only new comedy of note in NBCs fall 2016 lineup. WhileThe Good Placeis certainly created in the vein of previous NBC comedies created by Mike Schur, starringCheersalum Ted Danson its a decidedly different approach to comedy thanNBC or any other network, really has aimed for in recent years, a high concept premise that neither debases itself for broad appeal, or relies on a laugh track so audiences know when to laugh. Make no mistake: this is the strongest pilotNBCs ...Read More... //

See the Hilarious Point System That Gets You Into 'The Good Place'

Miss the funny slide from Ted Danson's orientation video in NBC's new comedy? THR has you covered.   Read More... //

The Good Place Preview: Looking for Comedy in the Afterlife

"We sort of had to make up our own rules about what was possible," creator Mike Schur says. ...Read More... //