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The Good Place Season Two Is So Forking Great

The series solidifies its status as the most intellectually engaging comedy on television.   ...Read More... //

The Good Place Reboots in Season 2 -- and Remains Forkin' Great

  The first season of The Good Place ended with one of the best twists in modern TV history. After spending a season telling us that the self-obsessed Eleanor Shellstrop ( Kristen Bell ) was accidentally placed in a version of Heaven -- aka "The Good Place" -- it turned out she, and three other ...   ...Read More... //

The Good Place Finale Went to Hell, But Not in the Way You'd Expect

The season finale of The Good Place consisted of two back-to-back episodes last night. The first was the usual funny but weird look at morality. The medium place was so perfect that its actually a shame it got completely overshadowed by what happened in the second, final episode. ...Read More... //

The Good Place Pulled Off a Forking Great Twist Ending

Holy shirt, that was mind-blowing. ...Read More... //

The Good Place Season Finale Recap: Its Been Real, Dog

Holy mother forking shirt balls! ...Read More... //

The Good Place Season Finale: Forking Brilliant or Forking Strange?

Warning: The following contains spoilers for theGood Place finale Eleanor Shellstrop, youve been duped and so havewe? The Good Place wrapped up Season 1 on Thursday night with a major twist: The Good Place is actually The Bad Place. What the fork?! Once promoted to architect, Michael decides to innovate by crafting a neighborhood where [] //

The Good Place Recap: Unhappy Medium

In one of its best episodes yet, The Good Place introduces us to the Medium Place.   ...Read More... //

The Good Place Recap: Pobodys Nerfect

What if the Good Place isn't actually all that good? ...Read More... //

The Good Place Recap: Trs Ladies

"Chidi's Choice" is an early candidate for 2017's sweetest TV love story. ...Read More... //

The Complicated Morality of The Good Place

In The Good Place , Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) is a woman who dies and goes to the titular afterlife, a quaint paradise that is almost perfectexcept for the fact Eleanor is a terrible person who has arrived there by mistake. Its an unusual plot for a primetime sitcom, even more so since The Good Place also functions as a stealthy class on morality (well, not that stealthy, as one of the characters is literally a professor of ethics). But whats really fascinating is how entertaining the show still manages to be. ...Read More... //