The Jesters
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The Jesters

"A Bit On The Side"

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With Tony absent on a Monty Python musical tour, The Jesters bring in an old Uni friend to be the temporary fill-in Jester. When the 5th Jester turns out to be incredibly funny, charming and talented, Steve finds himself in the irritating new and threatening position of being everyone's second favourite Jester. And unbeknown to the Jesters, Dave has started submitting freelance material under a false name - but will Steve use it in the show? Meanwhile, Dave has scored a coup for his chat show "Remembering"; George Clooney has agreed to appear. However, Dave soon learns that it's not a lot of fun dealing with the advance people for a major star and the restrictions they place upon the interview - let alone having the star-struck Julia, Kat and Di all behaving like giggling schoolgirls as they try to meet Mr Clooney. Michael starts writing a newspaper opinion column which proves to be a lot harder than he thought - even with Zak's help. And Steve is not enjoying his first outside Jesters venture - hosting a comedy blooper clip show called Boob Tube.
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