The Jesters
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The Jesters

"The Reunion"

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Nostalgia and possible huge ratings are in the air with "The Dave Davies Show Reunion". After 20 years, the original gang are getting together for a one-off live special featuring all Dave's beloved comedy characters from yester-year (except for his old Indian character, Rammadamma-big-dong.) Behind the scenes, it's just like old times, which is not a good thing with old wounds opening up between the old team. To make matters worse, Dave insists on reprising his camp flight attendant character, despite protests from a gay rights activist. Meanwhile, Zak is asked to be the cover boy for gay magazine "The Advocate", to the astonishment of Steve who thinks that if anyone is naturally attractive to gay men, it's him. Steve decides to do whatever it takes to become a gay pin-up and stop Zak from becoming a gay icon. And Michael's new serious girlfriend is causing her own set of troubles for The Jesters; quickly becoming nicknamed Yoko.
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