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THE KILLING “Vengeance” Episode 7 - Preview

The plot thickens in this latest episode of  The Killing  "Vengeance". Every week, I keep switching suspects. I am so fickle. I bet at the end, it would turn out to be something completely silly…or awesome (fingers crossed). Episode Synopsis : The police  learn more about Rosie’s whereabouts the night of her death. Richmond deals with a negative ad that threatens to derail his campaign  while Mitch starts doubting the policeinvestigation. Read More... //

The Killing's Mireille Enos: Arresting Beauty

Some crime shows pull you in with gunplay and explosions, others with snappy dialogue between bantering buddies. On The Killing , AMC's compelling new mystery, it's the faces that hook you. Whether they're despairing, full of rage, menacing or intensely haunting as in the case of Sarah Linden, played by the superb Mireille Enos — just try to turn away. With a quiet authority and obsessive dedication to the job, Detective Linden is perhaps the most multilayered and intriguing female cop since Helen Mirren's Jane Tennison on Prime Suspect . The demanding role was exceedingly difficult to cast. "A mild panic had set in about ever finding the right actress," recalls exec producer Veena Sud... //

'The Killing' preview: Tension rises after Rosie's funeral

The detectives on "The Killing" haven't found Stan Larsen yet -- and that makes for some uncomfortable moments in Sunday's (May 8) episode.In the tense clip up above, Holder (Joel Kinnaman) tries to get Mitch (Michelle Forbes) to tell him where Stan (Brent Sexton) and Bennet (Brandon Jay McLaren) have gone. Considering it's just hours after her daughter's funeral, Mitch isn't exactly up for being interrogated.Holder then turns his attention to Stan's friend Belko (Brendan Sexton III) -- and probably with good reason. We know from a couple episodes back that Belko was likely tied up with Stan in the Polish mob some years back, and he also slyly grabs Bennet's ringing phone from the table without Holder noticing. It's a pretty finely crafted scene -- and now that the show has reached the halfway point of its season, the sense of urgency is starting to pick up."The Killing" airs at 10 p.m. ET Sunday... //

THE KILLING “What You Have Left” Episode 6 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of AMC’s new series  THE KILLING  "What You Have Left" Episode 6 which airs on Sunday May 1 at 10pm. Episode Synopsis : The Killing  "What You Have Left" Episode 6 – Sarah and Holder question a suspect’s family and neighbors. Tension mounts between Richmond and his campaign  advisor, Gwen, as his team prepares for an important debate with the Mayor. Rosie’s funeral  takes place. Stan  takes matters into his own hands. Read More... //

The Killing Sneak Peek: Rosie's Dad Becomes A Real Suspect

Why is Detective Holder discussing the Rosie Larsen case with some never-before-seen official-type? Seems sneaky. In the next episode of The Killing , titled "What You Have Left," Rosie's funeral will take place, and Sarah (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) will question a suspect's family and neighbors. Which suspect? It looks like it might be Rosie's dad, Stan...  //

The Killing Promo: "What You Have Left"

The mystery deepens on The Killing , but what does it all mean? On next week's episode, we take another step closer to the answer, as Sarah questions a suspect's family, while tensions mount between Richmond and Gwen, his campaign advisor. Here's AMC's promo for "What You Have Left" ... //

THE KILLING (AMC) “Super 8? Episode 5 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of AMC’s new series  THE KILLING  "Super 8? Episode 5 which airs on Sunday April 24 at 10pm. Episode Synopsis : The Killing  "Super 8? Episode 5 – Rosie’s teacher provides Sarah and Holder with a new piece of evidence. Richmond ’s campaign  team plans a new anti-crime television commercial. Mitch continues to struggle with the loss of her daughter, while Stan  becomes more determined to find Rosie’s killer, and asks his colleague Belko for help. Read More... //

Eric Ladin Exclusive Interview THE KILLING

On the AMC crime drama  The Killing , actor Eric Ladin plays Jamie Wright, the brilliant campaign manager for Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell), who currently has his sights set on being the Mayor of Seattle. After the body of local teenager Rosie Larsen was discovered in the trunk of a car owned by the campaign, things seem to be at their most vulnerable, and someone on the campaign staff seems to be leaking confidential information. Loyal and focused, Jamie is secretly working with Richmond to figure out who it is, in an attempt to restore Richmond’s slipping image. Read More... //

The Killing Promo: "Super 8"

Despite the fact that it remains a compelling and chilling focus on a brutal murder investigation, last night's episode of The Killing did drag a little by the end. Will next week offer more excitement? Or is it just right as is? On next Sunday's episode, Richmond and his team plan an anti-crime commercial, while Stan turns to a work colleague for help in finding Rosie's killer. Watch AMC's promo for "Super 8" here and see what you think: //

'The Killing' Episode 4 Preview: Rosie's Dad Has Secrets (VIDEO)

Who killed Rosie Larsen? The mystery on AMC's latest drama, 'The Killing,' is unfolding slowly -- in fact, we might not ever find out who murdered the sweet-faced teenage girl (although I really hope that's not the case). All we know is we're hooked on this new show, with its moody weather, understated performances and everyone's-a-suspect line of storytelling. Which is why any new clip or sneak peek gets us spouting theories and wondering about suspects even more. Read More... //