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'The Killing' recap: Unraveling

Linden and Holdercontinue to protect their secret as newthreatsemerge both in the investigation and at St. George's.   Read More... //

'The Killing' Boss on Netflix Revival, F-Bombs and Ending the Story (for Real This Time)

Veena Sud tells THR the final six episodes of the Teflon-tough crime drama is an "unrelenting drum roll to the end."   Read More... //

Mireille Enos Tries To Wash Away Her Sins in Clip From The Killing Season 4 (Video)

A little more than a year after its third season finale on AMC, Netflix will drop the entire six-episode final season of The Killing on Friday, August 1. The streaming service released a clip that picks up the action shortly after that shocking season finale that was temporarily a series finale after AMC cancelled the show for a second time. Netflix swooped in and picked the drama up for a fourth and final season, giving Veena Sud and her team six episodes to wrap up the character arcs of Mireille Enos Sarah Lindenand Joel Kinnaman s Stephen Holder.   Read More... //

Official Trailer: The Killing Season 4 Debuts on Netflix on August 1st! Holder & Linden Return

The Killing Season 4 Official Trailer is Here! Linden & Holder Return for a Final Season on Netflix on August 1st Netflix rescued AMC's The Killing for a fourth and final 6-episode season, and we've got your first look at the trailer!

'The Killing's' Mireille Enos welcomes second baby with Alan Ruck

It's a boy for Mireille Enos of "The Killing."   Read  More.... //

THE KILLING Season 4 Trailer and Poster: Linden and Holder Face Serious Consequences in the Crime Drama’s Final Season

Somewhat impossibly, Netflix has released the first  The Killing  season 4 trailer as well as a new poster.  The crime drama debuted on AMC in 2011 to solid reviews and ratings, but fans turned on the series when the story was stretched thin and the central mystery wasn’t solved until the end of the second season.  The show  was cancelled , then AMC changed its mind and  moved forward with season three .  The ratings continued to decline despite a creative upswing, and AMC subsequently  cancelled the series again .  Enter Netflix, which then picked up the series for a  fourth and final season  consisting of six episodes, and we now have our first look at the show’s conclusion.  Season four picks up minutes after the season three finale, and sees Detectives Linden ( Mireille Enos ) and Holder ( Joel Kinnaman ) dealing with the aftermath of their decision while also working a new murder case involving an all-boys military academy, headed by  Joan Allen ’s Colonel Margaret Rayne.  Despite my frustration at some of the show’s weaker aspects, I’m curious to see how it all wraps up in these concluding episodes.   Read More... //

The Killing Season 4 Preview: No One's Gotta Know What We Did (Video)

The killing in the preview for the new season of The Killing isn't one that Linden and Holder are trying to solve it's one they're trying to cover up. The former AMC show is returning for its fourth and final season on Netflix. The preview unveiled Wednesday finds Detectives Linden ( Mireille Enos ) and Holder ( Joel Kinnaman ) trying to conceal their Linden's impulsive actions last season. But even as they hide their own crimes, they have to solve the murders of a picture-perfect family.   Read More... //

The Killing Season 4 Poster: Linden Considers Her Dreary Options (Photo)

Linden ( Mireille Enos ) stares at the Seattle skyline from across the Sound in the first poster released to promote the fourth and final season of detective series The Killing. The Past Can't Be Washed Away is the season's tagline, referring to the emotional ending of season 3 wherein Linden killed her ex-partner and potential love interest James Skinner ( Elias Koteas ) after he revealed himself as the latest serial killer Linden and Holder ( Joel Kinnaman ) were tracking.   Read More... //

‘The Killing’ Season 4 First Look Photo Previews Military School Setting [+Video]

This August 1st,  The Killing  will return for a final six episode season on Netflix, and the streaming giant is already releasing teasers, including a photo featuring Joan Allen ( The Bourne  Series) as Colonel Margaret Rayne, the headmaster at an all boys military academy. The academy is home to Kyle Stansbury (Tyler Ross), the only member of his family to survive a massacre. Holder (Joel Kinnaman) and Linden (Mireille Enos) will be on the case even as they struggle to move past the shocking season three ending. Read More... //

Joan Allen Reports for Duty in First Photo From The Killing Season 4 (Photo)

Detectives Linden ( Mireille Enos ) and Holder ( Joel Kinnaman ) take their investigative skills to an elite military school in a new case presented in the fourth season of Veena Sud's The Killing. A whole family is massacred, survived only by the son Kyle who himself was shot in the head during the incident. Kyle is a student at an all-boys military school that becomes the focus of Linden and Holder's investigation into the murder.   Read More... //