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How 'The Killing' Came Back to Life

Television's new math revived the canceled series as Fox, DirecTV, Netflix and AMC jumped in to fight for it.      //

'The Killing' begins again on AMC

Veena Sud's murder investigation series starring Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman was canceled. But many fans and executives remained 'passionate' about it. AMC's "The Killing," about the grisly murder of young Rosie Larsen, was pronounced dead at the end of a troubled two-season run that included declining ratings amid a revolt by once-supportive critics and fans over what they perceived to be the failed promise to end the first season by revealing the identity of the killer. //,0,6778958.story

New Mystery, New Characters and New Trailer for AMC’s ‘The Killing’ Season 3 (Sponsored)

Can’t get enough of AMC’s The Killing? Then enjoy this ominous new trailer for the Season 3, which hints at a new mystery involving a gruesome string of murders, new faces including Peter Sarsgaard as a menacing death row inmate, and, of course, both Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder as our favorite mismatched detective duo. READ MORE...

Exclusive The Killing Video: What Pulls Linden Back In?

When AMC's The Killing returns for its third season, Detective Sarah Linden will be leading a happier, healthier life. One year after the end of the Rosie Larsen murder investigation, Linden (Mireille Enos) is now a ferry worker living on an island off the coast of Seattle. In the exclusive video below, Enos says that, despite the bad place she was in when we last saw Linden, her life is pretty happy. (She even appears to have a new man!) READ MORE...

Featurette for THE KILLING Season 3 Teases a New Case and Direction for the AMC Series

A new extended featurette for the upcoming third season of the resurrected AMC drama series The Killing has been released online, offering up a bounty of footage and info about the crime show’s return. Season three picks up a year and a half after the events of the season two finale, as Mireille Enos’ Linden is now working in an isolated job outside the police force and Joel Kinnaman’s Holder has a new partner. Linden gets roped back in when bodies start piling up and Holder realizes that his serial killer case may be connected to one of Linden’s past cases. New cast member Peter Sarsgaard—who plays a death row inmate—notes that the season has three different narratives that are connected, so it’ll be interesting to see if showrunner Veena Sud can successfully weave the storylines while maintaining momentum or if the show will get bogged down with melancholy and minimal development like season two. READ MORE...

'The Killing' Season 3: 'Larger' Cases, 'Darker' Stories and Dangerous Foes (Exclusive Video)

THR debuts more footage from the new season, launching June 2nd, of the AMC drama.      //

'The Killing' Season 3 trailer: Linden and Holder back on the case

AMC's "The Killing" survived its own brush with TV death late last year and now we're getting a sneak peek at the show's June 2 return. (Warning: the video above contains strong violence.)No worries about loose ends this time, Season 3 promises to resolve its central mystery in a single 10 episode arc. And from the looks of AMC's advertising, viewers are in for a brutal storyline.Opening one year after the resolution of the Rosie Larsen murder case, the season picks up with Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) no longer in law enforcement. Her former partner Holder (Joel Kinnaman) lures her back to detective work to help solve a grisly series of murders somehow connected to a case from Linden's past.Enos and Kinnaman are the only returning cast members, now backed by an intriguing ensemble including Elias Koteas, Amy Seimetz and -- as you can see in the preview above -- a very menacing Peter Sarsgaard... //

‘The Killing’ Season 3 Trailer: There’s “A Monster on the Loose”

The first official trailer for The Killing season three has arrived, and it’s brought with it one very scary Peter Sarsgaard. Sarsgaard exudes menace even from behind bars. Whether or not he’s the "monster on the loose," he’s definitely no one you want to encounter in a dark alley as the poor, doomed priest in the trailer can attest to– well, at least he could if he hadn’t just been brutally murdered. READ MORE...

'Breaking Bad', 'Homeland' Compete With Euro Stars at Monte Carlo TV Festival

Danish series "Borgen" and "The Killing" and Britain's "Downton Abbey" and "Dr. Who" are also among the nominees for the international television festival.      //

'The Killing's' Chilling New Poster

Joe Carroll, Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates are about to get a new rival: The third season of AMC's "The Killing" is set to introduce a serial killer villain. Below is the show's official new marketing art that depicts one victim and 17 (and counting!) tally marks. But unlike some other more outlandish serial killer dramas, you can expect "The Killing" to have a more grounded and realistic take on the genre. //