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L Word, DeGeneres and Housewives Honored at GLAAD Awards

The L Word , Desperate Housewives , Kathy Griffin and Ellen Degeneres were among the recipients of this year's GLAAD Media Awards for highlighting gay issues and equality. DeGeneres' eponymous show won in the best talk show episode category for "Ellen and Portia's Wedding Day," which chronicled her August nuptials to the Better Off Ted star. "In my opinion, we are not fighting for gay rights, we are fighting for equal rights," DeGeneres said at the show. Housewives won comedy series, while its Sunday-night buddy Brothers & Sisters nabbed drama series honors. The New Adventures of Old Christine 's "Unidentified Funk" took home the award for outstanding individual episode. Two special recognition awards were doled out: one to the now-defunct L Word and one to Funny or Die's Prop 8: The Musical. The musical number was performed at the Saturday ceremony. D-Lister Griffin, donning a skimpy bikini, was given the Vanguard Award. Other winners include Milk, for best feature film, and the Rev. V. Gene Robinson - the first openly gay Bishop of the Episcopal Church - who received the Stephen F. Kolzak Award. Source Here

Showtime passes on 'End of Steve' and 'L Word' spinoff? - Featured

According to Variety , "it's understood" that Showtime has decided to pass on two anticipated series: End of Steve, a Matthew Perry vehicle about a local afternoon talk show host with a chaotic personal life; and The Farm, the Ilene Chaiken's The L Word spinoff following Alice (Leisha Hailey) into a state prison. Steve had tapped Rescue Me co-creator Peter Tolan to help pen the script, while Farm featured guest stars as Famke Janssen, Melissa Leo and Laurie Metcalf in its pilot. Showtime reps could not be reached for comment. Source

'The L Word' Series Finale Infuriates Fans - Featured

Sunday night, television's only lesbian drama ended after 70 episodes and six seasons. The two-hour block given to The L Word was split up into a one-hour tribute episode and a one-hour series finale. The first hour hailed the series as groundbreaking and as a show worthy of the history books. The drama starring Jennifer Beals, Laurel Holloman, Katherine Moennig, Mia Kirshner, Leisha Hailey and Pam Grier was the first television show to explore the lives and loves of lesbians in West Hollywood as well as the first series with a deaf-lesbian character and a regularly occurring transsexual character. The L Word fans across the nation tuned-in in the hopes of seeing a wedding, a funeral, a baby, or at least a murder case solved. Major Spoilers Below: And what did we see in the series finale? Nothing. Essentially, the episode was set up like any other episode. Dylan and Helena broke up again over trust issues. Alice and Shane chat on the phone and spend a day drinking their sorrows away together. Bette and Tina host a party. These all sound like normal L Word happenings. The problem is that there was a season-long mystery about who killed Jenny Schecter. Evidently, creator Ilene Chaiken never had any intentions of revealing how Jenny died. Earlier this year, when asked about the solving the mystery, she said, "I don't actually feel compelled to answer it. The show is about character and relationships, and I used this story to deeply explore those relationships. It's a risk not to solve a mystery, admittedly." TO READ MORE CLICK HERE .

Week of 3/8 - Ten Things We Can't Wait For!

Another great week of television is upon us! 10 things we are most excited for: 1. The L Word finishes up its run! - Loved it or hated it , we've got to single out the "Last Word" for groundbreaking Showtime series The L Word . Still holding out hope for that spinoff? 2. Breaking Bad Season 2 Premiere! - You might have glossed over this show's quick 7 episode first season, but Bryan Cranston's Emmy-award winning performance makes this one that you definitely don't want to miss! 3. Guest star mania on How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory ! Laura Prepon hits up HIMYM as Ted's ex-girlfriend and Summer Glau hits up Big Bang as herself! 4. Premiere of Dancing with the Stars ! I was never a DWTS enthusiast, but the Olympics-nut that I was...I can't wait to see little Shawn Johnson put on her dancing shoes! Steve Wozniak should be a hoot as well. 5. Nathan Fillion returns to TV in Castle ! Guest starring in Desperate Housewives was a start, but we all know that Nathan Fillion deserves his own show! 6. South Park returns! South Park returns Wednesday night with an episode promising to skewer those slightly obnoxious Jonas Brothers and their purity rings... 7. Chopping Block premieres on NBC! Yeah, it looks like a cheap knock off of every other cooking show on TV, but its high time NBC introduces its own spin on the food theme, so we're willing to give this a shot! 8. Smallville and Supernatural return to The CW! - It's about damn I right? Look for Tori Spelling's return to Smallville as Linda Lake. 9. Old Friend visit the ER ! - Eriq La Salle pays his dues this week as ER continues its swan song. Noah Wyle's (Dr. Carter) guest starring run also continues. Oh, and though only word: Clooney. 10. It's the beginning of the end for Battlestar Galactica ! - This Friday marks the first part of SciFi's sure-to-be-epic conclusion of BSG. It's a can't miss! What can't you wait for on TV this week?

Preview of Series Finale "Last Word"

The final season of the Showtime gay show The L Word will come to a close tonight ending six seasons of what creator and executive producer Ilene Chaiken calls a groundbreaking series that well surpassed its niche as a gay show. In the episode Last Word, the girls will reportedly find themselves in a situation with the law, while Sergeant Duffy (Lucy Lawless) investigates Jenny's (Mia Kirshner) death, where someone will take the fall. It has been a privilege to do this series and tell these stories and have these characters in my life and to share them with the show's passionate fans, says Showtime Entertainment president Robert Greenblatt, adding that he is proud of the show's legacy. "The title of the show became part of the lexicon, and the breadth and reach of the characters and storylines are a testament to the talent of Ilene Chaiken and her incredible cast.'' The L Word, which started out in January 2004 as a series about lesbians in an upscale Los Angeles-area city of West Hollywood, California, will wrap up its run with a two-hour show starting 9/8pm tonight, including a look back through the memorable moments as well as exclusive interviews with Chaiken in the first hour. To the fans of The L Word who'll miss the show, the series has spawned a so far still untitled spin-off that will follow Alice (Leisha Hailey). Famke Johnson, Laurie Metcalf, and Melissa Leo will join Hailey in the pilot, set to premiere later this year. The L Word also stars Jennifer Beals, Laurel Holloman, Katherine Moennig, and Pam Grier. The show generally received praise for affording lesbians with their obvious and modest representational need. It was also seen as less exploitative than its male counterpart Queer As Folk, which also ran in Showtime. Catch the Last Word tonight at 8/9pm on Showtime . Source here

THE L WORD ''The Last Word'' Season 6 Episode 8 - SERIES FINALE

In the final episode of the series, what starts out as a celebration of friendship quickly ends in a web of betrayal and deceit; the girls find themselves in the slammer with Sergeant Duffy (Lucy Lawless); and the investigation into Jenny's death begins. Airing March 8 at 9pm on Showtime . To Watch Sneak Peeks Click Here .

'The L Word' Holds Red Rarpet Farewell Party - Featured

In a bid to give a proper goodbye to lesbian drama " The L Word " which has spanned for 6 seasons, Showtime held a farewell party at West Hollywood's Cafe La Boheme. The March 3 event was made in the package of a movie premiere, with the stars gracing the red carpet for photo sessions before going inside the venue. Spotted in the crowd are the show's lead actresses such as Laurel Holloman, Katherine Moennig, Daniela Sea, Rose Rollins and Mia Kirshner as well as several supporting actors such as Marlee Matlin, Kate French, Janina Gavankar, John Wolfe Nelson, and Eric Roberts. Creator and show runner Ilene Chaiken is also present along with other guest stars. Missing from the event are the other main cast, Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Pam Grier and Rachel Shelley. The show will wrap it up on Sunday, March 8 with the episode "Last Word" which preview can be seen here. The character Alice will then continue her journey in a spin-off which production has been kicked off in December 2008. Source here

'The L Word' Preview of Season Finale: Last Word - Featured

" The L Word " is nearing the end. The series about lesbians living in upscale Los Angeles will run its final episode on March 8 with a two hour event that includes a look back through the memorable moments as well as exclusive interviews about the show with creator Ilene Chaiken in the first hour. Then starting at 9/8c, the final conclusion of the show which has been revealed to include the death of Jenny will be aired. Called "Last Word", the episode will be personally directed by Ilene. A celebration of friendship ends in disaster. The girls find themselves in a situation with the law. Sergeant Duffy (Lucy Lawless) investigates Jenny's death, and someone; Bette, Tina, Alice, Shane, Helena, Max, or Kit will take the fall. The series has spawned a spin-off that will center on Alice. No title has been given yet, but production had been kicked of in December last year for a premiere later this year. Famke Janssen (" Nip/Tuck "), Laurie Metcalf ("Roseanne") and Melissa Leo (" Frozen River ") have all been booked to join the pilot. For The Preview Click Here . Source here

Cancellation Buzz: Ilene Chaiken on the End of 'The L Word'...or Not. - Featured

It's still the plan to wrap up The L Word series at the end of this 6th season, but will that really be the end of The L Word? As has been rumored, it seems it will not! L Word creator and executive producer, Ilene Chaiken, dishes on the the final days of the series, plus gives some scoop on the hopeful spin-off and even the possibility of a movie - it's no renewal of the series, but considering L Word is getting the chance to properly wrap up, do you fans think you'd like to see more in these other forms? Ilene Chaiken on the End of 'The L Word'...or Not. Want to help campaign for L Word renewal or spin-off and movie? See how you can help: Cancellation Buzz: Save The L Word! Photo courtesy of

Preview of 'The L Word' 6.05: Litmus Test

On February 15, "The L Word" will come up with an episode called "Litmus Test" which preview is available. This time, Helena, aided by her friends will test the authenticity of her former flame Dylan whom she met in the Hit! Club. Also, Jenny's new script sells and Alice feels that she stole her idea. While their relationship gets stronger, Jenny consequently intrudes on Shane's rights when she found out that Shane meets Niki. Bette and Kelly make business plans while Jamie plays a third-wheel crush to Alice and Tasha. "Litmus Test" will be the fourth episode before the show wraps up for good on March 8. The producers have decided to trim it to 8 episodes only for the final season where Jenny will meet a devastating end. For Preview Click Here . Source here