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Ive been watching L word for a month now and saw last episode of last seson this friday, and i really going to miss them all Shane,Alica,Jenny,Bette,Kit,Molly, Tina, Tasha ect.. To bad it have to end, and it ended so weird, i mean people are questioning what really happend to Jenny? So i sure hope it comes a movie about it soon... You can't end this awesome series of all time like this.. But anyway i loved every secound of it and wish it could be more then 6 sesons.. Curiouz

The L Word Finale - The end has come [spoilers within]

Folks, I've just watched the final episode of The L Word. I am under-whelmed. Let's set the record straight. I'm not a huge fan of the show, and watch it mostly because my wife is a fan. That said, the collective reaming of Jenny Shechter this season has been a clear high note for me having watched the series since it's start and abhorring her character and the chaos that she wrought. To see the way the series ended and the rather huge questions it left unresolved (especially given the foreshadowing in the first episode of the season) left me curious? hungry? wanting? something. There have been rumors of a film or followups to The L Word, and that may be the point of the unresolved questions from the finale. You tell me. Though frankly, that has rarely happened. Now, the finale did have its high notes. I thought it rather classy when folks from earlier seasons (one of whom is now a star on Ugly Betty) did cameo "messages" to Bette and Tina. Their appearance was a tad bit awkward, though, as I didn't recall them having much of a tie to those characters. One thing you have to say about Showtime is that they generally "complete" their stories and do not leave them hanging (see Queer As Folk). Alas, so, now the question for those who watched it - Who (if anyone - and that's an option too) did it???

I cant stand Jenny!

I think Shane and Tash & Alice's friend need to hook up!!! and i Hate Jenny...i cant believe she did that to helena, that wasnt her place to say anything at all!


why does it have too end i feel like crying im so in love with the l word i love the drama and the charaters !!!! i love shane !!!! y does it have to end why ????????

6x02 amazing!

Wow amazing episode!! With Dylan's come back, to see Helena reaction was sooo good. I mean we always knew she was still into her, but with the pushing and stuff, we saw how vulnerable she still is. And the final scene (the kiss between Jenny and Shane) even if almost everyone who enjoys the series knew it was coming, it just shaked me up! I just loved it! Too bad there are only 6 episodes left...

Can't Believe it's Ending.

Sadly for Me when I first caught this show in 3 Season when I had no clue what was happening. Lol. Lucky with Youtube where there's a million of everything about this show on there. So, I've been very lucky enough to see Season 1 on Logo this time around, and So forth on here. Anywho, This show is gonna go down in History with me. If anyone ever asked me what was the best drama series you've ever watch, It's the L word Hands Down. And that's never gonna change. So, when I turn about 18 or so I'll will be buying the Show and keep it forever. Cause, it's my favorite. :] So, Sad it's ending. D: Gonna miss it Dearly. One Great Show to Remember.

can't be the end!! I want MORE!!

Can't belive this is the end! This is such a great show, it's so unique. i don't think there will ever be any other show like it. Don't they see that even though it been quite a run, if they keep going we'll keep watching?! and then you have shows like ER - I love it and its great but even i think it should end. There like what 13 seasons or something. Give me anything close to that with The L Word and I'll be more than happy, but 6 is just not enough!!

Loyal and true

hello! The episode "loyal and true" is the last??! Please say me no! ;-)

l word!!

I was very surprised at the ending, i think shane is a tw*t, she is a joke she is the type of character that gives human beings a bad name never mind gay women! Apart from that very good though

holy crap

questions questions questions...this almost make's me not want to go to boot camp. Will Shane ever get it together? Idk mabey. Molly isn't goin to wait for her that long. First love's hurt but come on you get over it and in the end its a its a 1 in 150 chance any first love's get back together. Too many fish in the sea. Shane was just scared for her an didn't want to ruin her like she's done somany time before, relaization is a bitch. I feel sorry jenny but she dug her own grave an I saw that one cummin. She said it herself "nicky is dead to me" weathe or not she was hurting from what Nicky didn't do for her doesn't mean you should ignore her. Denvo deff got what she deserved, I can't wait to see if helena is goin to stay with Dusty or date Cindy instead. This left me on the edge of my seat, can't wait till next season. P.s. Phillis is a bitch