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The League Season 7 Premiere Review: It's Good!

The Season 7 premiere was the opposite of garbage time.   Read More... //

The League: Season Premiere Review

The League returns for its final season with plenty of cameo appearances.   Read More... //

The League, on FXX, Kicks Off Its Final Season

This sitcom about six friends in a fantasy football league sets the shock bar high as it begins its farewell season.  Read More... //

'The League' recap: Jenny comes up short

I’ve often wondered if watching  The League  would cause me to go blind, vomit, or vomit and go blind. After this week’s episode, mission accomplished! Andre spends the entire episode asking the gang to punish him for his collusion with NFL on Fox personality Jay Glazer. When they refuse to do so, Andre shows up at the bar in full drag. If you’re near a seat belt, put it on. This episode gets bumpy. Read More.... //

'The League' recap: Are you juicing?

It appears that each episode of  The League  this season is going to kick off with another emasculating scenario for our old pal Kevin MacArthur. To open the show, we find Kevin at the doctor’s office being told he has “low T,” or low testosterone. Poor Kevin. Winning the Sacko has clearly cursed his own sacko. The doctor prescribes him a tube of Andro-Lube, which couldn’t possibly fall into the wrong hands. (Cue Skeletor laugh.) Read More... //

'The League' recap: Putting the 'fun' in funeral

When a close friend dies in front of you via Skype, the only logical thing to do is hold your fantasy football draft at his funeral. If you’re new to  The League , welcome. You probably should’ve started with season 1, but here we are. The League  returns for its sixth season on FXX, even though FXX has only been a channel for two years. Do the math! For those unfamiliar with the show, I’m not going to give a full history lesson, but let’s say it’s about a group of morally corrupt friends who play fantasy football. What’s fantasy football? Ask Jeeves. Read More... //


I couldn’t care less about fantasy football. I’ve got nothing against it; it’s just never held any interest for me. So it took me a while to finally check out The League, but once I did it was plain to see that a fantasy football league is simply the loose situation binding together a lively comedy, and that you don’t have to know anything about the NFL to get all the jokes. The League didn't arrive with a splash -- in fact it still doesn't rate a mention in most discussions of the best comedies out there at the moment -- but entering its sixth season it's established a solid tone with a terrifically game ensemble. Read More... //

The League Review: The Man-gagement Ring

It seemed fitting, at the end of season finale " The Curse of Shiva ," that this year's league winner was the mysterious, never-before-seen Ted. Not only because Season Four of The League had less to do with football itself than any previous season--but because Season Four was, at heart, an in-depth examination of loserdom. Before watching tonight's double header, " A Krampus Carol "  and " The Curse of Shiva "--two of the season's funniest and most unhinged episodes--I was convinced that Shiva's curse (placed upon the group at the start of the season) was just another of the show's many plot threads that are dropped almost as soon as they are introduced. But totaling up this year's parade of failures, embarrassments, and bodily injuries for the gang, I started to wonder if it was actually just a plot thread too subtle for me to pick up on. Read More... //

The League Season 4 Review “”Our Dinner with Andre” and “12/12/12”

After last week’s hit-and-miss double dose of  "The League,"  I questioned the logic of doing another two weeks in a row, but it turns out the second time was the charm  for the boys- and the girls, for that matter. This time the ongoing storylines bled nicely into on another, resulting in some of the funnier moments of the season, with able assists from Deion Sanders and especially guest star and erstwhile Sports Illustrated cover-girl  Brooklyn Decker , who was funnier in her short tenure on this show than she was in the entirety of  "Just Go with It."  Of course, her  swimsuit  did most of the acting there, so we’ll let her slide. First up was  "Our Dinner with Andre." Decker excelled as the former- and current- Mean Girl that terrorized Pete in high school, not only turning him down when he asked her to prom, but dragging him into the cafeteria so that she could loudly ridicule him in front of everyone for even asking in the first place. It turned out she was none other than Frank "The Body" Gibiatti’s sister, Gina, who was so hot her own gynecologist married her, or, as Ruxin put it: "That guy stares at vagina all day long and he chose that one…cause it’s the best." Read More... //

The League Review: The Hate-Date

Behind all the secretly-filmed porno movies, accidental hate crimes, and glasses of Three Penis Wine, The League is really just about a group of emotionally fragile friends who cling to each other because they have no one else. I know that sounds like a really heavy theory for a show that just graphically depicted someone eating steamed horse penis, but I stand by it. And during this week's double header of " Our Dinner With Andre " and "12.12.12" , that vulnerability felt closer to the surface that usual. From Ruxin's sterility, to Kevin's black eye, to Jenny's arrest, to Andre's humiliation at the hands of Gina Gibiatti (Brooklyn Decker), to Pete's even greater humiliation at the hands of Gina Gibiatti, everybody hurt (well, except for Taco, but he's more bong than man). Read More... //