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'The Lottery' recap: The final challenge

This episode begins the way we loyal Lottery  fans would come to expect from the dystopian sci-fi series: with an address to the nation. This address comes from the first lady, who reveals that the lottery finalists will be hooked up to a polygraph machine as their final test. Well, that’s one way to get to know these ladies. Read More... //

'The Lottery' recap: My baby!

“You’re saying the United States government is behind the global fertility crisis?” Vanessa asks, standing with arms folded. “Yes,” Alison confidently replies. And this begins the latest episode in the saga of Lifetime’s  The Lottery  with more conspiracy theories than a Dan Brown novel. Read More... //

'The Lottery' recap: Sleep-deprived

A gentle baby dressed in white squirms around while soft music plays. It’s like a Gerber commercial, only sweeter. The scene abruptly comes to an end when Alison instructs the lottery finalists to remove their goggles. The image of this angelic baby was just another part of preparation for these potential mothers. It’s another reminder of the harsh reality these women face comes when the first lady tells them that everything they do will be seen by the nation when it is transmitted on live television. They are being judged and tested at all times, which makes being a contestant on  Big Brother  look easy. Read More... //

'The Lottery' recap: The finalists are revealed

“America, this is the day we’ve been dreaming about,” the First Lady says as she announces the 200 finalists for the lottery—the potential ladies who will be vying to become surrogates to the 100 fertilized eggs. Alison and James visit Dr. Kessler’s son about his father’s work on the fertility crisis. He reveals that his father often published under the name Dr. Relssek—his name backwards. We can already see Alison’s mind working on how she can use this knowledge. Read More... //

'The Lottery' recap: Bloody anomalies

This episode begins right where we left off, with a man shot dead on the ground as the shooter approaches Alison. The suited man with a gun reveals that he is a member of the Secret Service who has been assigned to protect Alison. The man lying dead in the streets would have kidnapped her. Read More... //

'The Lottery' recap: The bubonic plague

“Hello, my name is Dr. Alison Lenon. I want to invite you to participate in the national lottery,” Alison says into a camera from a set made to look like a pediatric doctor’s office. The director yells “Cut!” as she takes a deep breath. Lying like this is the last thing Alison wants to do, but she knows she has to for James’ and her own safety.  Read More... //

'The Lottery' recap: Stolen embryo

This episode begins right where the last one left off. Alison is carried into a black van by three mysterious men in black suits. They put a white sack over her head and take her to an intimidating underground interrogation room. “You’re under arrest, Dr. Lenon,” Hayes tells her. The reason? She stole an embryo. Read More... //

'The Lottery' premiere recap: 100 fertilized eggs

Imagine living on the brink of human extinction because a mysterious infertility plagues humankind and no new children can be born. Anyone familiar with Timothy J. Sexton’s  Children of Men  will recognize the premise of The Lottery , also penned by Sexton .  What’s surprising is that this show is on Lifetime, the same channel famous for its emotional TV movies and a show about the crazy stage moms of dancing children. Lifetime has changed up its game with this new, politically charged dystopian thriller. Read More... //

The Lottery (Lifetime) Review “Greater Good”

“The most fertile man in the world” also happens to be carrying the Bubonic Plague. Does this officially make  The Lottery  a comedy? I am going to drop all pretense that  The Lottery  is anything short of a hot mess, but despite its flaws, the series’ outlandishness is a ride in and of itself. For instance, Alison is a superstar now so people ask her to sign plastic babies, a 25-year-old woman daydreams about falling in love and getting married before having children like “in the old days”…you know, six years ago, and terrorists are so inept they set up shop in buildings right beside airports (and let their hostages know exactly where they are being kept). Read More... //

The Lottery (Lifetime) “The Rules of the Game”

The second episode of  The Lottery  was more promising than the premiere, but the series continues to ask us to suspend disbelief far too often in order to progress the plot. Before we get into the specifics, here is a short list of absolutely baffling incidents that defied logic: Read More... //