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A glimpse into an alternate history of North America: what life after WWII may have been like if the Nazis had won the war. The Man in the High Castle explores daily life in 1962, fourteen years after the end of a longer Second World War (1939–1948 in this history). The victorious Axis Powers - Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany - are conducting intrigues against each other in North America, specifically in the former U.S., which surrendered to them once they had conquered Eurasia and destroyed the populaces of Africa.
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by Scaryc
Jan 20, 2017 1:53PM EST

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The man in the high castle is a sophisticated alternative history thriller which is loosely based on Philip K. Dick's novel of the same name, it takes a look at what the world might have been like had the outcome of World War 2 turned out differently. If you don’t know who Philip K. Dick is, think of many of the more intelligent science fiction movies you’ve seen since 1982. Yes, “Bladerunner” was loosely based on a Philip K. Dick story. 15 movie and TV adaptations have been made from his books.
The man in the high castle is a complex dark series, and not for people who don’t have at least an intermediate understanding of 20th century history. The acting and the production design was excellent. The screenplay was updated a bit from the PK Dick story, but I think it’s actually better than the book. Some viewers might find the atmosphere of this series a bit dark, I did when I binge watched several episodes on one of my days off. Suspending ones disbelief into a show set in a United States which is occupied by goose stepping Nazi’s and the Imperial Japanese Empire can get a little heavy after 10 episodes. But, it’s nothing against the show, it’s doing its job making us realize that for all the ugliness in the world even in the horrible premise of the series, kindness and love can endure. I paced my viewing of “The man in the high castle” and thoroughly enjoyed it.


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