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The Missing Season 2 Review: David Morrissey-Starring Anthology Is Gripping TV

The second installment of The Missing is emotionally gripping television full of twists, and starts where you think it would end. As I say in my video review above, the eight-episode Starz -BBC series that debuts February 12 takes you to some very unexpected places and is very much worth watching. In many ways, that is almost all I really want to say about the latest version of the anthology series starring David Morrissey , Keeley Hawes, Laura Fraser, Roger Allam, Jack ...Read More... //

Review: The Missing, With Children Gone and Parents in Extremis

Tcheky Karyo is back as a determined child-abduction investigator, helping British families, in this BBC drama, which returns on Sunday on Starz. ...Read More... //

‘The Missing’ Season 2 Review: New Family, New Mystery, New Obsession

Despite so much excellent television, there is still a tendency to describe great TV as being like something else, something more established as being serious or worthy like cinema or novels. And while I am a proponent of the television industry (and those who write about it) embracing TV’s unique narrative structure for exactly what it is, I must admit that the first word that came to mind when thinking about how to describe The Missing’s second season was "novelistic." But to say The Missing is like a novel isn’t to elevate it so much as to make it even more accessible — each hour unfolds as a new chapter to a finite story, and — like a book you can’t put down — is an exceptional binge watch. Season 2 of The Missing is connected to Season 1 in two ways, but they’re slight enough so as not to deter new viewers. One, it features the same detective, Julian Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo), and in the second instance, it acts as a narrative inversion of that first season’s story. Season 1 covered one British couple in two timelines as their son went missing during a vacation in France. It tore them apart and the husband (played by James Nesbitt) was overtaken in his obsession with finding out the truth — a truth that, even when revealed, did not fully satisfy him. The ending was left open in ways that drew criticism from some, and yet, it played into the idea that for him there will never really be an end. READ MORE...

'The Missing' Season 1 finale fails to provide closure

Warning: The following articles contains spoilers for "The Missing's" Season 1 finale. Please do not read on if you are not caught up to this point.The Starz eight-episode series "The Missing" wrapped up its first season in the states Saturday, Jan. 10 and provided some real closure for certain characters, while others are sadly just as lost as when viewers first saw them.After many twists and turns, the main mystery of who abducted five-year-old Oliver Hughes from a hotel bar in France during a family holiday in 2006 was finally solved.Thoughout the eight episodes viewers of the show probably debated several different theories of what happened to Tony and Emily Hughes' son. Tony himself came up with some very interesting hypothesis of what could have taken place the night Oliver disappeared. At many points all signs pointed to the boy being alive still.Wondering what could have happened to their son had very different effects on... //

'The Missing' season finale recap: Till Death

The chilling season finale of The Missing is sure to polarize viewers with its out of left field resolution to the disappearance of Oliver Hughes.   Read More... //

The Missing Season Finale Review: What's Truly Lost Can Never Be Found

Starz's crime drama ended in terrific but horrifying fashion as the truth about Ollie turned out to be more than some could handle.   Read More... //

The Missing: Season 1 Finale Review

In the The Missing's powerful season finale, Tony and Emily discover what happened on the night young Ollie vanished.  Read More... //

'The Missing' recap: Return to Eden

The penultimate episode of the emotionally charged mystery miniseries brings us one step closer to the truth.   Read More.... //

'The Missing' recap: Concrete

Episode 6 unveils the aftermath of Tony's crime and reveals Ziane's shady past.   Read More... //

'The Missing' recap: Molly

The fifth episode of the Golden Globe-nominated miniseries reveals the truth about Ian Garrettand one of the skeletons in Tony's closet.   Read More... //