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'The New Normal': John Stamos talks kissing Ellen Barkin and 'Gaydar'

John Stamos is dropping by "The New Normal" for a series of episodes as an "is he or isn't he?" character, which of course drives Ellen Barkin's character mad. He made his debut Tuesday night (Jan. 22) in "Gaydar" and says it was just wonderful playing opposite Barkin. "It's seriously the fastest chemistry I've had with someone in a long time on television," says Stamos. "It was our first show where we had to kiss. But we did the read through of the first episode and I felt like, you know, we're kind of cat and mousing each other and sort of circling each other. And I said to [creator Ryan Murphy], I said, 'What if I just grab in back of her hair and just make out, you know?'"And Ryan -- and the whole room was silent -- and then everybody looked at Ryan and then he said, 'Oh my God. That's a great... //

John Stamos on Making Out with The New Normal's Ellen Barkin: It Was the Fastest Chemistry

Prepare to see Uncle Jesse like you've never seen him before.  On Tuesday's The New Normal , typical ladies' man John Stamos begins his guest arc as Brice, a new co-worker of Jane's ( Ellen Barkin ) with an indeterminate sexuality. Gay, straight, or something in between — you'll have to wait until the episode airs to find out. But one thing we will reveal is that, no matter Brice's sexuality, Stamos and Barkin do get a little hot 'n heavy!  //

Top Moments: Idol's Mean Girls and Lance Armstrong Comes Clean

Our top moments of the week: 13. Scariest First Date: The Bachelor 's first one-on-one date goes to Sarah , a gorgeous blonde who was born with one arm. She and Sean are picked up by helicopter (what else?) and he tells her that they're going to free-falling down the side of a 300-foot high building. (Get it? They'll free-fall in love!) Sarah's scared to death and... //

The New Normal Episode 14 “Stay-at-Home Dad”

The New Normal  "Stay-at-Home Dad" Episode 14 airs Tuesday, January 15 on NBC (9:30 – 10 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis:  After a failed attempt at finding a nanny, Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha) contemplate the idea of a stay-at-home dad. Both express interest in the role and decide to practice parenting by sending Goldie (Georgia King) to a spa and taking in Shania (Bebe Wood). Bryan, convinced that he is the man for the job, gives Rocky (NeNe Leakes) a shot at her dream career by leaving her in charge at "Sing," but he soon finds that producing a child’s life is much more difficult than producing a television show . Later, David confidently takes over and quickly realizes that despite his best intentions parenting is not an exact science. READ MORE...

'The New Normal': Nene Leakes Puts 'Sing' Star in Her Place (Exclusive Video)

In an exclusive clip from Tuesday's episode, Bryan's fierce assistant does her part to help the father-to-be try to score more time at home. //

Glee Guest Star Matt Bomer Appears Shirtless on The New Normal!

If you're still crossing your fingers that Blaine's (Darren Criss) brother Cooper Anderson might drop by on the show this season, we hope you tuned into The New Normal last night for the next best thing! //

The New Normal Episode 13 “The Goldie Rush”

The New Normal  "The Goldie Rush" Episode 13 airs Tuesday, January 8 on NBC (9:30 – 10 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis:  Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha) discuss their future and how big they want to grow their family. The conversation leads them back to Expanding Families where Gary (guest-star Michael Hitchcock) reveals that he wants a family of his own but he can’t seem to find the right guy. Bryan and David play matchmakers and set him up with Bryan’s ex-boyfriend and legendary party boy Monty (guest star Matt Bomer, "White Collar"), but their plan leads to more than they bargained for when Monty asks Goldie (Georgia King) to be his surrogate. Elsewhere, Rocky (NeNe Leakes) and Jane (Ellen Barkin) help Shania (Bebe Wood) deal with some mean girls. Read More... //

'Game of Thrones,' 'Mad Men' Among Nominees for Cinematographers Awards

"Mad Men," "Game of Thrones," "American Horror Story," "Hatfields & McCoys" and "The New Normal" are among the television programs whose cinematography has been honored by the American Society of Cinematographers, which announced its TV nominees on Wednesday. The ASC, an invitation-only organization of cinematographers with a membership of 300 active members and more than 150 associate members, announced 15 nominations in three categories for the 27th Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography.

Top Moments: Jimmy Fallon and Tracy Morgan Spread Christmas Cheer

Our top moments of the week: 15. Dirtiest Make-Good: On 90210 's 100th episode, the gang returns to West Beverly High, where one-time mean girl Naomi is reminded of just how nasty she was. Determined to prove she has changed, Naomi goes on stage and sheds her clothes and lets everyone throw hors d'oeuvres at her so she could feel the embarrassment many of her classmates often felt. Somehow, humiliation isn't quite the same when you plan it yourself. 14. Janie's Got a Gun Award: Bryan and Jane knock back a... //

The New Normal Episode 12 “Baby Proofing’

The New Normal  "Baby Proofing" Episode 12  airs Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012 on NBC (10:30-11 p.m. ET – Special Time). Episode Synopsis :  David (Justin Bartha) hires Carla, (guest star  Cheri Oteri , "Saturday Night Live") a baby proofer to make the house safer, but instead of creating a sense of security, it puts a wedge between him and Bryan (Andrew Rannells) causing them to bicker. Read More... //