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The Newsroom Sneak Peeks: A Matter of National Importance

Will received a death threat in last week's episode of The Newsroom , which led to a bodyguard and a trip to his therapist.  While discussing the recent turmoil in his life, Will also revealed that Sloan recently had her own problems at work.  In an attempt to correct the public's perception of the severity of the recent Fukushima nuclear disaster, she revealed information received 'off the record', leading to a suspension.  Fortunately, Will and Charlie managed to keep her job secure, but it came at a price. In tonight's new episode: "An anonymous source contacts Charlie (Sam Waterston) and provides advance details on an imminent story of national importance. When news breaks that the President will be making a televised speech that night, the 2.0 staff cuts short its one-year (and one-week) anniversary party, and rushes back to the newsroom amidst a flurry of speculation as to what exactly happened." Read More... //

'The Newsroom': Aaron Sorkin defends his female characters, says writers weren't fired

Six weeks into its life on HBO, "The Newsroom" has become to this summer what "Girls" was to the spring: television's lightning-rod show, dissected for every perceived misstep and off-base character portrayal.And to a certain extent, creator Aaron Sorkin doesn't mind that: "We all know there were critics who didn't enjoy watching the first four episodes, and there were critics who did," Sorkin said Wednesday (Aug. 1) at the TV Critics Association press tour. "Obviously you'd prefer praise for the show to be unanimous, but anytime people are talking this much about a TV show, it's good for television."Since Sorkin (along with "Newsroom" star Jeff Daniels and director/executive producer Alan Poul) was facing some of the people leading that discussion at TCA, the room was expecting some fireworks. That didn't quite happen, but in a polite but fairly contentious session, he defended the show and his portrayal of its female characters and shot down reports... //

Aaron Sorkin Defends The Newsroom: "I One Hundred Percent Disagree..."

Take a hotel ballroom, a handful of disappointed critics and one of the most intelligent, stubborn television show writers/creators in the business and what do you get? This afternoon's panel discussion between The Newsroom scribe Aaron Sorkin and the Television Critics Association. In a Q&A that was often tense, but never overly contentious, both sides dug in, acted as respectfully as possible... and pretty much disagreed on every issue related to this HBO series. We've rundown some of Sorkin's more choice responses below, followed by a poll asking TV Fanatics for their take on The Newsroom so far: //

The Newsroom (HBO) “Bullies” Episode 6

The Newsroom  "Bullies" Episode 6 airs Sunday July 29 at 10 pm ET/PT. Episode Synopsis:  A lingering  bout with insomnia  drives Will to keep a long-standing therapyappointment . Subbing for Elliot during the Japanese nuclear crisis, Sloan’s strident interrogation of a Tokyo power-company spokesperson ends up jeopardizing her own career. After his rough handling of an interview subject, Will comes to recognize the causes and effects of being a bully. Read More... //  

The Newsroom Finale Spoilers - August Episode Descriptions

Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom  has turned out to be a humble success, already renewed for a second season despite tepid—at best—critical response.  Now fans can get a peek at what might loom ahead on The Newsroom  with the release of these August episode synopses directly from HBO.  Beware, the descriptions run right up to The Newsroom finale. Read More... //

The Newsroom (HBO) “Amen” Episode 5

The Newsroom  "Amen" Episode 5 airs Sunday July 22 at 10 pm ET/PT. Episode Synopsis:  Will’s "mission to civilize" takes a hit when he finds himself in the tabloid spotlight. Wade approaches Will with info on the government’s flagging ability to fight financial crime; Don gets Maggie to fix Jim up with her roommate, Lisa; Sloan strikes out as a matchmaker; and Neal’s "Bigfoot is real" pitch falls on deaf ears. Against Reese’s wishes, Will refuses to follow the media rumor mill and make a call on a breaking story. Read More... //  

'The Newsroom's' Jeff Daniels on Aaron Sorkin: 'This is a really great marriage'

Jeff Daniels surveys Manhattan's west side from the plate glass window in an HBO office. He's exhausted, having just finished shooting HBO's Sunday drama "The Newsroom."Daniels, in his first TV starring role, plays Will McAvoy, a cable news anchor who is pushed to reveal how he really feels about the state of the country. Once he does, he is freed -- to some degree -- from being beholden to ratings and trying to please everyone. His inner muckraker reawakened, McAvoy allows his new producer and former lover (Emily Mortimer) to lead him back to true journalism.It wasn't easy, but nothing about this show is. Aaron Sorkin's work is wordy. But for those who love complex dialogue, nothing is better. And for an actor, little is tougher."Doing a TV series takes a lot out of you," Daniels tells Zap2it. "Doing an Aaron Sorkin series takes a lot out of you."With the first season wrapped and the... //

Aaron Sorkin talks 'The Newsroom' in his latest NPR interview with host Terry Gross

Reviews for HBO's "The Newsroom" have been mixed so far with both critics and viewers spread across a polarized spectrum. Four episodes into the first season, it seems people are still trying hard to placeAaron Sorkin's latest project within the ranks of his previous works, which include the Oscar-winning film "The Social Network," and Emmy-winning show "The West Wing."In his latest interview with NPR host, Terry Gross, Sorkin discusses the reasoning behind some of his "Newsroom" decisions, while giving insight into his own particular writing process."I like writing idealistically and romantically, and if you can do that in a place that's usually looked at cynically, the way journalism is now, you can get something fun out of it," says Sorkin. His characters, as a result, are "aspirational."On why he chose to embed real news events within the show he says, "It's sort of a gift that kept giving because you have the fun of the... //

Olivia Munn Explains Why 'The Newsroom' Cast Is Intimidating

On the new Aaron Sorkin HBO series " The Newsroom ," Olivia Munn is in some pretty elite company. On " Jimmy Kimmel Live " (Weeknights 12 a.m. ET on ABC), she was asked if it was intimidating working alongside names like Sam Waterston and Jane Fonda . Munn said that of course it was. Not to mention that there's a learning curve she's going through that the others don't have to because of their disparate backgrounds. "Out of the eight of us," she said of the core cast. "Here’s the difference. The seven of you? You’re theater trained. I’m YouTube trained. Talk to me like I’m the Internet." In other words, Munn has no idea what stage left means. But she's holding her own on a show that is certainly drawing both critical attention and growing in viewers. And with the show renewed already for a second season, she'll have those stage directions down and be a veteran in no time. Watch Olivia Munn on "The Newsroom" every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on HBO, and catch "Jimmy Kimmel Live" weeknights at 12 a.m. ET on ABC. TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser. //

Aaron Sorkin Says 'The Newsroom' Is 'Fantasy'

Although Aaron Sorkin's HBO series " The Newsroom " has earned criticism, with journalists calling its portrayal of the industry unrealistic, the creator told NPR's "Fresh Air" that "The Newsroom" is meant to be a fantasy. "I like writing about heroes that don’t wear capes and disguises," Sorkin told "Fresh Air" host Terry Gross of the criticism. "It's aspirational. 'Gee, it looks like the real world and feels like the real world, why can't this be the real world?' The metaphor of Don Quixote is used, all kinds of lost cities are used: Atlantis, Brigadoon ... The show is meant to be a fantasy set against very real and oftentimes very serious events." Sorkin isn't alone in defending his series: The stars of "The Newsroom" are behind him as well . "Sorkin loves journalists, loves the media, loves the news," Olivia Munn, who plays Sloan Sabbith, told Vulture . "I don’t believe the show is his soapbox for him to lecture the media on how to be better. On the contrary, I believe his show is an opportunity to help the audience fall in love with the news again." To listen to Sorkin's full "Fresh Air" interview, click over to NPR . "The Newsroom" airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO. //