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'The Newsroom' Featurette Introduces New Characters in Season 2

Check out the new promo video as series creator Aaron Sorkin and executive producer Alan Poul describe the roles played by Rebecca Halliday, Hamish Linklater, Grace Gummer and Constance Zimmer. Read More... //

'The Newsroom' Season 2: Jeff Daniels vs. Fox News on 'liberal fantasy' charge

Jeff Daniels wouldn't be surprised, knowing how Season 1 went, to see more brickbats hurled at Season 2 of "The Newsroom."The sophomore round of HBO's Aaron Sorkin-created series about a fictional cable news network starts Sunday (July 14)with Daniels back as Will McAvoy, the senior anchor who remains opinionated and obstinate.That's clear right from his season-opening verbal volley with a network lawyer played by new cast member Marcia Gay Harden (who won a Tony Award opposite Daniels in the 2009-10 Broadway run of "God of Carnage")."You know, going in, that you're going to fry some people," Daniels tells Zap2it, "and some folks in the media overreacted (to Season 1), One prominent cable news guy said, 'We've been told to stand down on you guys because we hear you're coming after us.' He hadn't even seen it yet, and a lot of them just helped that view."Then you get into the attack on the Tea Party,"... //

'The Newsroom' Season 2: Emily Mortimer 'just so interested' in all things American

Emily Mortimer is finding a big personal benefit to being in "The Newsroom."The London-native actress is learning ever more about America from working on creator-producer Aaron Sorkin's HBO drama. With the series launching its second season Sunday, July 14, she says such upcoming topics as antiterrorism strategies and the 2012 presidential election are increasing her knowledge and understanding of life in the United States.Mortimer tells Zap2it she finds the Supreme Court -- which made major news last week with its rulings on gay-rights issues -- "particularly" interesting. "Those people can't be voted out once they're there, and it's a wonderful system in a way, but there's also room for questioning it."It's unlike anything we've experienced at home [where the British Parliament can remove Supreme Court justices]. These are appointed judges who make extremely important decisions about things that affect all of us forever. There are definitely different interests that you really have to think about.""The... //

'The Newsroom' Kicks off Second Season July 14

Aaron Sorkin, Scott Rudin And Alan Poul Executive Produce. Read More... //

Aaron Sorkin Reveals Depth of 'Newsroom' Angst, Season 2 Reboot, A-List Consultants

Admired and attacked in Season 1, the HBO drama reboots with A-list advisers as its creator opens up about his process (up to 6 showers in one day), how he broke his nose and dealing with hate-watchers: "You're playing a dangerous game if you write to try to change people's minds."      //

Character Posters for Season 2 of THE NEWSROOM

HBO has released character posters for the upcoming season of The Newsroom. As we previously reported, season two will focus on the 2012 Presidential campaign, but EW reports that the season will begin on August 23, 2011 (the day Muammar Gaddafi’s Tripoli compound was captured by rebel forces) and also cover major events including "the Tea Party/American Taliban, the general election including the primaries and conventions, Trayvon Martin, the Affordable Care Act, and drones," because Aaron Sorkin wants to throw in his two cents but use a TV series instead of a blog. The new posters cleverly play up Sorkin’s impeccable one-liners, but also use the very serious reporters staring pensively. READ MORE...

Sam Waterston Discusses His Comedic Work on THE NEWSROOM in Exclusive Bonus Feature from The Complete First Season DVD/Blu-ray

Creator Aaron Sorkin’s HBO drama series The Newsroom returns for its second season next month, but the first season of the cable news-set show hits stores on Blu-ray and DVD soon, and we here at Collider are happy to share an exclusive clip from one of the bonus features included on the set. In this clip from the bonus feature called "The Rundown," Sorkin, Jeff Daniels, and Sam Waterston discuss Waterson’s wonderfully charming comedic performance as Charlie Skinner. In the clip, Waterston admits that he never knows when Sorkin is writing Skinner drunk and when he’s writing him sober, so he has to decide just how loose to play Skinner in any given scene. READ MORE... ">READ MORE...

'Newsroom' Season 2 Full Trailer: Is Will's Career in Jeopardy? (Video)

In the new promo, which aired Sunday timed to the "Game of Thrones" season finale, Jeff Daniels' newsman is paying for calling the Tea Party the "American Taliban."      //

See a Fist-Throwing Deleted Scene From The Newsroom

The Newsroom: The Complete First Season comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray on June 11, and in addition all the monologizing and journomagical discussions that fill the actual episodes, there are deleted scenes, too! Like this one, cut from the season finale, in which the News Night staff figures out who will be able to go visit Will in the hospital. Recall that Will was hospitalized after he had a bleeding ulcer, which he got from taking too many painkillers and anti-depressants all at once; recall further that he took all of those pills because MacKenzie's ex-boyfriend wrote an unflattering article about him; recall even further that at News Night it is normal to go visit your boss in the hospital, even though he's a gruff jerk who yells at everyone. Anyway, the scene below shows what happens when you dare call Maggie "nonessential" (even though, to be fair, not only is she nonessential, she's often a hindrance to the production of the show). Also, we made you a GIF of the essential part. //

How the Stories on ‘The Newsroom’ Were Chosen

The first season of "The Newsroom" will be released soon on Blu-ray featuring HBO Select, and Speakeasy has an exclusive clip of a never-before-seen roundtable discussion called "The Rundown." Read More... //