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Reading 'The Newsroom': 'The 112th Congress'

In the third episode of HBO's The Newsroom, Will picks a fight with the Tea Party, Charlie gets called to the principal's office, and Aaron Sorkin revisits the second episode of Sports Night. It's ... //

‘The Newsroom’ Season 1, Episode 3, ‘The 112th Congress’: TV Recap

Structurally at least, the third episode of "The Newsroom" reaches a high point. Director Greg Mottola deftly cuts between the six months leading up to the midterm elections and one continuous, contentious meeting of network suits. //

The Newsroom “The 112th Congress” Review

Before I start, I want to clear up my view of  The Newsroom . Whilst it may sound like I’m flip-flopping in my reviews, I’m just looking at the pros and cons. The pros are great casting and a solid idea. The cons are weak characters and a poor execution. As I said last week,  The Newsroom  would make a fantastic half hour comedy or even a 45 minute  comedy drama. Instead it masquerades as a straight up drama, which allows for the bland scenes that come between the ones filled with witticisms. There is almost enough to work with in  The Newsroom , but no one seems to want to work with it. With that cleared up, let’s look at this week’s episode ‘The 112th Congress’. Will lays out his new approach to News Night: the show will not be influenced by advertisers  nor pander to the network , instead it will give the news as seen fit. The arbiters of this news will be himself and Mackenzie. Whilst their aim to cut out ‘bought’ news influenced by advertisers is great, the news they choose will still be influenced by their own views. News biased one way rather than another is still biased news. I hope that’s a point picked up on in future because it could lead to some really meaty debates. But since these are debates best had at the time of the change and five months have passed between episodes 2 and 3, I won’t hold out hope. Read More... //  

Review: 'The Newsroom' - 'News Night 2.0'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "News Night 2.0," the July 1 episode of HBO's "The Newsroom," in which Mackenzie unveils a new philosophy for the show, and Will discusses immigration. //

'The Newsroom' Recap: It Doesn't Get Better

There appears to be an interesting critical split emerging around "The Newsroom." Reviewers -- including myself -- have mostly weighed in with negative assessments, while viewers have tended to praise the show much more fulsomely . The split has seemed so wide, in fact, that I worried that I'd been too cynical and too hard on the show. But the second episode, "Newsnight 2.0," did not do much to bolster my hopes for "The Newsroom." To be clear: For a series with so many problems, both episodes have mostly held my interest throughout, and as with the pilot, there are frustrating glimpses of a better show lurking within the hour. It's too bad that show hasn't fully emerged yet. Read More... //

The Newsroom Review: Will of the People?

Well, that devolved quickly. As one of the only critics who enjoyed The Newsroom premiere - focusing on the captivating pace and writing of Aaron Sorkin over the repetitive, sanctimonious message behind it - I was looking forward to " News Night 2.0 ." But why must I now join the chorus of those coming down hard on the new HBO drama? For a number of reasons... //

‘The Newsroom’ Season 1, Episode 2, ‘News Night 2.0?: TV Recap

Even though "The Newsroom" mines the recent past for its storylines, hindsight won’t benefit the "News Night" crew every week. Sometimes the best attempts to present multiple sides of an issue fall short. And sometimes doing a professional newscast gets waylaid by romantic immaturity. //

The Newsroom “Newsnight 2.0? Review

If  The Newsroom  was a half-hour comedy-drama, it would be perfect . Episode 2 , ‘Newsroom 2.0? had some incredibly amusing scenes and, repetitive as they were, they were the best parts  of this episode, which itself was an improvement over the pilot to some extent. The humor shown in ‘Newsroom 2.0? was unexpectedly dense, with almost every scene having something to at least make the viewer smile, but it was the scenes between Maggie and Will that were especially funny. Their relationship has been done many times before on other shows but I think Allison Pill and John Gallagher, Jr play  their parts with enough charm to make it work. Read More... //  

The Newsroom ‘We Just Decided To’ Review

I’m not entirely sure what to think of  The Newsroom , which is a bad way for a reviewer to start a review, but in the spirit of Will McAvoy’s truthfulness, here it is.  The Newsroom  pilot ‘We Just Decided To’ showed the formation  of a new(ish) team for a daily evening news broadcast, which is anchored by Will, a grouchy, opinionated and seemingly inept reporter, whose career is in the balance after he sort-of but not-quite verbally attacked a college student . That initial outpouring was the strongest part of the pilot. It consisted mostly of facts and figures, yes, but it wasn’t dry or boring and it was an interesting way to set up the series. Sadly things were a bit hit and miss after that. At times  The Newsroom  bordered on being hilariously sharp and satirical, at other times it was dull, shouty and boring. Read More... //  

Series premiere review: 'The Newsroom' - 'We Just Decided To'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the series premiere of HBO's "The Newsroom," in which the bad and (mostly) good of Aaron Sorkin are both on display. //