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The Newsroom Had a Campus Rape Subplot. It Was Not Well-Received

  This week's episode of The Newsroom the show's second-to-last in this abbreviated third season was actually right on the news! For once, a show that had been roundly criticized for re-litigating old stories and regularly mocked for showing all of us the "right" way to have covered big events of the past few years, finally found itself predicting the future, writing a subplot that dovetailed with current events. Great, right?  Read More... //

The Newsroom Recap: Technologys Latest Victim

The show also taps into the news of the moment rapes on campus.   Read More... //

The Newsroom Penultimate Episode Ends With Shocking Death

(Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Sunday's penultimate episode of The Newsroom entitled Oh Shenandoah) There's only one episode of The Newsroom left, but not everyone is going to make it that far. Sunday's penultimate episode of Aaron Sorkin s HBO drama featured an unexpected jump ahead in time, and an even more shocking death.   Read More... //

The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Contempt

What's the price of doing the news?  The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 4  asked that question of many of its characters with differing results. Hallie and Jim's answers were so extremely different that their relationship ended over it. Although a website like wouldn't be my first choice as a news site, there's no doubt Jim was being an arrogant ass about his girlfriend's new job, especially when he couldn't keep that  Dear Penthouse  comment to himself. It made me wonder if he was trying to sabotage their relationship. What their argument highlighted was how the definition of news has changed. That's the very crux of the argument between Lucas Pruitt and Charlie. Charlie didn't think very much of Pruitt's vision for the network as he explained in this  The Newsroom quote ... //

The Newsroom Recap: The Wedding and Then the Slammer

Did anyone find this episodes sequence of events a bit strained?  Read More... //

The Newsroom Recap: The Egos Have Landed

  Oh, where does one begin with a Newsroom episode titled Contempt?   Sure, its the thing that gets Will sent up the river at the end of the episode, but its also an emotion a lot of the characters bring towards each other. Charlie and Lucas (whose Aspergers-ish behavior from last weeks ep has now been replaced with pure arrogance) barely hide their contempt for one another and their ideals when they have their Correspondents Dinner throwdown. The same goes for Jim and Hallie when they have their long-overdue breakup/blowup. Mac and Lilly show their contempt for each others actions while theyre in the goddamn rain. Reese can hardly conceal his contempt for Lucas when he signs the papers for control of ACN. (I also think that has something to do with Lucas sleeping with Reeses girlfriend in college.) Even Sloan has a bit of contempt for Will (and Don, who comes to Wills defense) when she fails to see the logic in Will reporting on documents from a leak while not condoning leaks as sources.   Read More... //

'The Newsroom' recap: Contempt

Will continues his one-man stand for truth, justice and honorable journalism, at the risk of his own freedom.   Read More... //

The Newsroom Recap: Enter the Love Police

In a series full of office romances, who should pair off with whom?   Read More... //

'The Newsroom' recap: Will pressured to expose whistleblower

Federal law enforcement officials ratchet up the pressure on ACN anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) to reveal the identity of a crusading whistleblower in Main Justice, Episode 22 of HBOs The Newsroom.   Read More... //

The Newsroom Recap: Anything Goes

  Man, things are getting bleak over at ACN.   A dour, overwhelming sense of an impending endgame casts a pall over this episode, right down to Paul Liebersteins EPA deputy assistant administrator returning to inform Will and the crew of the upcoming end of the world. He nonchalantly deadpanned apocalyptic proclamations as Will, desperately trying to put a positive spin on his doom-and-gloom soundbytes, interviewed him on-air.   Read More... //