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The Newsroom Season 2 Finale Review: Poll Position

"Election Night Part II" was an enjoyable exit to an overall disjointed season.   Read More... //

Season finale review: 'The Newsroom'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Election Night: Part 2," the second season finale of HBO's "The Newsroom," in which the staff of 'News Night' learns its fate in an episode that plays like a series finale.  Read More... //

'The Newsroom' Recap: It's Been a Year

The season two finale takes a break from election news to resolve several relationship plot lines.            //

'The Newsroom' Review: 2.8: The Course Of True Love

As President Obama prepares the address the American people tonight about what - hopefully - will be the movement towards a peaceful solution to the horror of Syria's chemical weapons, The Newsroom... //

The Newsroom Review: Tomorrow's Too Late

I'll admit it. Last year about this time I was watching The Newsroom just waiting for the season to end. As much as I'm an Aaron Sorkin fan and I loved the cast, the stories just weren't clicking for me. Fast forward to one year later as I'm watching " Election Night, Part I " and I can't get enough of The Newsroom season 2 . My only true disappointment is that there's only one episode left.  Read More... //

The Newsroom Recap: ‘We Have Gone to the Zoo’

On prestige cable dramas, it’s the penultimate episode that usually holds the most shocking violence. But on The Newsroom the only thing wounded in “Election Night, Part 1” is News Night’s pride. It’s been only a day since Charlie, Will, and MacKenzie tried to resign, but the people who work at ACN are still as powerless as they were before. A loss of agency doesn’t sit well with that many type-A personalities, and so everybody’s searching for a hint that they can still shape the world around them, rather than wait for events to shape them. As Neal astutely put it, it’s “funny the things people try and control when they're not in control.”  Read More... //

The Newsroom "Election Night Part I" Review: Last Chance to Make Things Right

The first half of split narratives usually err on the side of set-up, and by nature tend to be less exciting than the conclusion to come. With that in mind, this episode provided exactly what was needed by offering one last chance to hang out with the News Night gang in their fun-loving/falling-apart-at-the-seams-but-keeping-it-together element, even if this meant a few production missteps, before moving toward a more serious send-off.  Read More... //

'The Newsroom' Recap: Election Night Anxiety

In season two's penultimate episode, the ACN team tries not to make a mistake on the last day of the presidential campaign.  Read More...            //

‘The Newsroom,’ Season 2, Episode 8, ‘Election Night, Part 1?: TV Recap

Here's our recap of "The Newsroom," "Election Night, Part 1," an episode that, with its subplot involving sarin gas, seems to eerily foreshadow some of today's headlines.  Read More... //

'The Newsroom' 2.7: Autopsy of a Bad Decision

About as brilliant a piece of television as you can get on The Newsroom 2.7 last night, which completed its careful dissection of the worst decision a news network can possibly make.   Read More... //