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Dwight's Chart from "Did I Stutter?"

One of the best parts of last night's episode of The Office had to be the chart that Dwight crafted. If you want to take a look at it in further detail, you can check it out here

The Office's "Did I Stutter": Who's Da Man?

*Did I Stutter? Spoilers included!* The Office 's, "Did I Stutter?" was a little bit off yet completely awkwardly Office-like with a little tense incident turned into a massive Office-wide disaster! Did Michael prove to be da man by putting his foot down to Stanley or did Stanley just prove once and for all that Michael's a disaster of a boss? Photo courtesy of

Did I Stutter?: Anti-Climatic?

**"Did I Stutter?" Spoilers Included** This week's "Did I Sutter" I think was a kind of a waste of time. With so little time in the season left, there was no progress made with anything, except maybe the weird warning that Ryan gave Jim. -? Jim and Pam are still joking around-BUT...she said she slept at a friends house. Jim? 99.99% sure it was, but anyone think anything happen? Still at the joking proposal games...if nothing at Jim's, then the relationship didn't really progress. Angela was looking at Dwight with...could it be admiration when Andy was confronting him with the car thing. Could Angela be wanting to get back together with Dwight? With Stanley and Michael, now it's back where "Night Out" left off, with Stalney just being a little nicer. It seemed like there was something huge building up, but then it just sort of...blah. No doubt that there were funny parts, but I thought there would be more drama since its so close to the end of the season. Thoughts? P.S. This is my first news entry. Did I do good? Image from

The Office: Who Will Be Spun Off?

NY Magazine's Vulture makes some odds on the character(s) most likely to be spun off of The Office . Which Character Will Be Spun Off From The Office? They're putting their money on Andy Bernard (they think the "Toby moving to Costa Rica" thing from last week's episode was a red herring). Who do you guys think it will be? Who can carry a spinoff (without being important enough to the original Office that removing the character would detract from the show)? Place your bets here!

Office Scoop on the Finale and Spinoff

On last week's episode of The Office , Toby put himself in a bit of a pickle, so what will this mean for Toby's Office fate? The Season 4 finale airing May 15th just might bring some answers! Check out the finale scoop from E! Online's Watch with Kristin, plus some news on the Office spinoff: Office Scoop on Finale and Spinoff (Yay, Mose!) Photo courtesy of

Rate It: Was The Office's "Night Out" a 10?

*"Night Out" Spoilers Included!* This week's all new episode of The Office , "Night Out" brought what I personally think was a complete stroke of comedy genius: Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute in a New York night club. But wait, what could make it better?? Ryan on drugs? I'm sorry, what? Did all the madness of the hobbit man, the amazon women, and the demise of Jim make the perfect mix for a 10/10 Office performance, or was it lacking? Photo courtesy of

Best of Michael Scott: "That's What She Said!"

Thursday is not nearly close enough, so if you're in need of a dose of Michael Scott (that's what she said), check out this it-never-gets-old The Office montage of Michael's best "that's what she said" moments over the seasons! Best of Michael Scott: That's What She Said! Photo courtesy of

The Office: Jim Did WHAT??

*"Chair Model" Spoilers Included!* During an episode of relationship turmoil for The Office this week, our steady, giggling rock of Jim & Pam carried on adorably. We know Michael will learn to love again (I have never seen more inappropriately crazy hilarious "closure"), but what's coming up for Jim & Pam?? Do you think we have some Office marital bliss in our near future? Photo courtesy of

The Office: What was your favorite "Dinner Party" moment?

Ah, so amazing to have The Office back!! From the ridiculous and hilarious return episode, "Dinner Party," what was your favorite Office moment of the night? * Pam and Jim's AWKWARD tour of Michael and Jan's condo. * Jim's fake apartment flood and his attempt to leave even without Pam. * Jan and Michael's outrageous cut-it-with-a-knife tension, "babe." * Jan's "girl trip" to the kitchen where she dropped the bomb that Michael's said he and Pam dated! * Dwight CRASHING the dinner party with a creepy old lady date and extra wine glasses, leading to a discussion about Michael's three visectamies... yeeah. * Angela: "The thought of popping your beets into my mouth makes me want to vomit." * Michael whispering that Jan may have poisoned the food and Pam's concern Jan may try to poison her, "Michael's former lover." * Michael busting out his very neon beer sign leading to the inevitable "that's what she said" moment. * The cops showing up... to a dinner party... and in the explanation, yeah, that's right. A Dundee was used. * Dwight: "Michael, you're sleeping with me." * Jim and Pam hanging out in a parking lot eating burgers and listening to the stolen CD of Jan's weirdo ex-assistant. OH, what a night. My favorite has to go to Jim and Pam's short though adorable post-dinner party burger dinner. I've missed those kids far too much to love any other moment more! How about you? Photo courtesy of

The Office Returns: A Dinner Party Fiasco?

In The Office 's much anticipated return tonight on NBC, Jim and Pam are finally dubbed into attending a Michael Scott dinner party, but the only one who wants to come (Dwight of course) isn't invited! Do you think Dwight's going to crash the party? Check out this preview of tonight's episode: Dinner Party Sneak Peek