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The Office: Jim's Best Pranks

The Office returns tonight! Everybody rejoice! To celebrate, check out Entertainment Weekly's list of Jim's best pranks: Jim's Best Pranks Image courtesy of

The Office: Favorite Staffers

In honor of The Office 's return Thursday, TV Guide brings us fan rankings of all the lovable (and not so lovable) Office characters which definitely holds a few surprises! The Office Ranking Photo Gallery: Your Favorite Office Employees Do you agree with these TV Guide fan ratings? Photo courtesy of

"Outside The Office" with John Krasinski

Entertainment Weekly interviews John Krasinski and if it's possible, he seems even better in person than as lovable Jim on The Office ! In the interview, John talks about The Office ("That show has taken such great care of me that I don't want to leave. I'll be there as long as they'll have me."), his upcoming projects (including directing Brief Interviews With Hideous Men and starring in a Sam Mendes comedy) and what it's like to experience your first flop (License to Wed). Check it out here: John Krasinski Outside 'The Office' And don't forget...The Office returns this Thursday at 9PM on NBC!

The Office Spin-Off is Happening!

With NBC's newly announced 2008-2009 TV schedule also comes the confirmation that rumors of a spin-off for The Office are true! According to Headline Planet, it's not yet clear what the spin-off will be based around and what Office characters may be on the show. But it is currently planned to air after the Super Bowl hosted by NBC in January 2009, so stay tuned for more news as it comes about! Read more on Headline Planet: "The Office" Spin-off Will Indeed Happen! Photo courtesy of

The Office: New Romance for Dwight?

Last we saw on The Office , Dwight was doing some major post-break up pining after Angela, while Angela was spitefully jumping into the arms of another man... the a capella and whale-cake-loving Andy. So now with The Office returning April 10th, it looks like we may be seeing a new lady love for Dwight! Check out the scoop on Will The Office's Dwight Find a New Mrs. Right? Photo courtesy of

Steve Carell on The Office's Post Strike Return

We're finally down to less than a month until The Office returns on April 10th! caught up with Steve Carell at ShoWest to chat about how the strike has affected morale around the set, and what we can expect from this season's remaining episodes: Steve Carell: Post strike, 'The Office' is as strong as ever More on Get Reel: The Office: Steve Carell on the Post Strike Return

The Office Returns April 10

The current news for The Office is that it'll return Thursday, April 10th with 6 new episodes. Keep an eye on "Status" in the left column on this page and other SideReel pages for updates!