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The Originals Final Season: Everything We Know So Far

After much anticipation, Julie Plecfinally revealed that The Originals will begin their final journey on Friday, April 20th! Before the series takes its final bow, however, the 13-episode fifth season will time jump ahead eight-years, bring back some familiar faces, and introduce new love stories! As theMikealsonclan fights to find a way back to each other and defeat the Hollow once and for all, we prepare to say goodbye to the original family (and possibly 'hello' to a Hope-inspired spin-off)!   ...Read More...

The Originals' Final Season Gets April Premiere Date on The CW

The Originals end is nighish. The fifth and final season of the Vampire Diaries spinoffwill premiere Friday, April 20 at 9/8c, The CW announced Sundayat the Television Critics Associations winter press tour. Picking up after another major time jump, the shows final season will reintroduce Hope Mikaelson as a teenager attending the Salvatore Boarding School []

The Originals Mega Buzz: A Special Episode Will Break the Series' Mold

The Originals   cast may be a powerhouse of talented actors, but for at least one episode this season, the ensemble will be put aside in order to put a sharp focus on one of the characters that has arguably the most complex storyline of the season: Elijah ( Daniel Gillies ). "Three episodes in, we actually get an episode that is Elijah from start to finish, and it's the first time we've ever done that," creator and showrunner  Julie Plec  says. "We get to see where Elijah left off in that episode so long ago, and what he's been doing in the seven years that's passed."   ...Read More...

The Originals: Jaime Murray Cast in Final Season as Mysterious Vampire What's Her Connection to Elijah?

After nearly destroying Emma Swans family on Once Upon a Time, Jaime Murray is setting her sights on an evenmore powerful supernatural clan. Murray will appear in the upcoming final season of The CWs The Originals (premiere date TBD), TVLine has learned exclusively, playing Antoinette a beautiful, old-school vampire who meets Elijah shortly after []

The Originals Cast's Behind-the-Scenes Series Finale Snaps Will Make You Cry

That's a wrap. The cast and crew of The Originals have bid adieu to the New Orleans set after wrapping on the show's series finale, and although we already have a few reasons to believe that Klaroline is the show's endgame (and these pictures certainly don't hurt that theory), it's still pretty   ...Read More...

The Originals Wraps Filming: See the Pictures!

The Originals has officially concluded filming. The successful spin-off of The Vampire Diaries finished filming on its series finale earlier this week, and the cast and crew took to Instagram with some pictures to reveal their final days on the set. Phoebe Tonkin was ominously missing from the set on the final days, but she did confirm at the end of November via Instagram that she was wrapping. It sure sounds like Phoebe will not be making it to the series finale, you guys!   ...Read More...

The Originals: Here's More Evidence That Klaroline Is Endgame

The Originals officially wrapped production on its series finale in Atlanta earlier this week, but a few key scenes still needed to be shot in the show's homeland of New Orleans. Thanks to some super stealthy fans and the powers of Instagram, we know that some major characters are finishing out the   ...Read More...

The Originals: Leah Pipes, Sebastian Roch Returning for Series Finale!!!

The Originals is bringing back some characters for its upcoming final season, and while the show is yet to get a return date from The CW, the cast and crew are still giving a lot of information away on social media. Leah Pipes took to her Instagram story earlier this week to share a video from the set, and the timing of the video came while the spin-off of The Vampire Diaries was filming its series finale.   ...Read More...

The Originals: Leah Pipes Returning for Series Finale Who's Joining Her?

This ones not just a cameo its aCami-o. Leah Pipes, who officially bid The Originals adieu back in Season 3, will return for the CW dramas upcoming series finale, airing sometime in 2018. Pipes broke the news herself in an Instagram story from theVampire Diariesspinoffs Georgia set. Sebastian Roch (aka Papa Mikaelson) is also []

The Originals Final Season Scoop: Meet the Human Who Catches Hope's Eye

Humans dont have the best track record on The Originals, but weve got a good feeling about this one and not just because he hails from Mystic Falls. Relative newcomer AriaShahghasemi will appear in The CW dramas final season as Landon, a thoughtful, compassionate and self-aware kid from the wrong side of the tracks []