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60 minutes

The Player is an action-packed Las Vegas thriller about a former military operative turned security expert who is drawn into a high-stakes game where an organization of wealthy individuals gamble on his ability to stop some of the biggest crimes imaginable from playing out. Can he take them down from the inside and get revenge for the death of his wife, or is it true what they say: The house always wins.
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Oct 10, 2015 8:49AM EDT

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This new show is a weekly blast of adrenaline. Sharp dressing, somewhat old scool too cool for the playground acting makes this amusing to watch. Each individual episode has a "bet" around whether the "player" can save the day and get the bad guy, which we as his viewer, hope he does, at pretty much any cost. But the longer plotline is also serving up a spicy plate of suspicious behavior and tantalizing tasty backgroud of all the characters. To what end? Well, I for one think The Player is promising an eventual episode or series of episodes where all of what we do not know will collide in a fabulous show down tell-all that keeps viewers like me coming back for the breadcrumb clues heading the show towards this eventual climax.


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