Join us with this entertaining and provocative series as we use raw star power to explore the compelling human stories that make up pop culture history.

Episode Guide

19 episodes

  • 19 episodes
    19 episodes
    • s1e19I Saved The Day
    • s1e18I Was Called Into Action
    • s1e17I Wanted To Direct
    • s1e16I Went Back In Time
    • s1e15I Grew Up In Showbiz
    • s1e14I took over a role from someone else
    • s1e13I Was A Late Bloomer
    • s1e12I Wanted To Be Taken More Seriously
    • s1e11I Stopped Taking Myself So Seriously
    • s1e10I Became An Instant Sex Symbol
    • s1e9I Kicked Butt
    • s1e8I Want To Direct
    • s1e7I Was A Casting Shock
    • s1e6I Wanted to Be Taken More Seriously
    • s1e5I Was Called Into Action
    • s1e4I Went Back In Time
    • s1e3I Became A Superhero
    • s1e2I Stopped Taking Myself So Seriously
    • s1e1I Became A Franchise Player