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How Many Times Can 'Doctor Who' Really Regenerate?

On last week's episode of "The Sarah Jane Adventures", a much anticipated line was finally uttered. It was a line that confirmed once and for all how many times the Doctor, the greatest (and lately the only) Time Lord in history, could actually regenerate. Or did it? In a 1970s episode of the long-running sci-fi hit, the Doctor claimed that his kind, the Time Lords, could regenerate -- essentially change their faces and begin another lifecycle -- just twelve times. This number was given only once in the show and yet it has seeped into fandom consciousness and grown tough roots. With the Doctor currently on his eleventh regeneration, it seems the BBC was eager to change the number. For good reason too; it wouldn't be wise to cut the show off two actors later simply because of a throwaway line in one episode from over thirty years ago. To Read More  Click Here.


Check out a preview from Season 4 of THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, which features 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. The new season premieres on Monday October 11th on CBBC (time TBA). In addition you can also watch a clip from episodes 5 and 6 titled Death of the Doctor written by Russell T. Davies. Here is the synopsis: Episode Synopsis: When the Doctor is declared dead, old companions Sarah Jane and Jo Grant meet for the very first time, and join forces to discover the truth. As an interstellar conspiracy gathers around UNIT HQ, Clyde finds that he holds the fate of the Time Lord in his hand - quite literally. (Source: Blogtor Who) Source & Preview

The Sarah Jane Adventures Spoiler - Death of the Doctor

If you thought that the Doctor was in dire straits at the end of "The Pandorica Opens," guess what happens in the upcoming season of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Let me give you a hint: "Death of the Doctor." Well, that's the title of episodes four and five of the season, anyway, which just happen to be the episodes in which Matt Smith is guest starring. If you're unfamiliar with The Sarah Jane Adventures, it's one of the three currently-running spinoffs of Doctor Who (along with Torchwood and K-9). Unlike Torchwood, however, Sarah Jane is filled with a little more humor, and is more skewed toward a younger audience than Torchwood's adult audience. It stars former Doctor companion Sarah Jane Smith, who appeared alongside the Third and Fourth Doctors before reappearing in the series three episode "School Reunion" along with the Tenth (David Tennant). Though her interaction with the Doctor seemed at an end considering their silent goodbye in "The End of Time," it seems that's not quite so. To Read More Click Here .

Matt Smith to Appear on 'The Sarah Jane Adventures'

Matt Smith has only just taken the reigns of the title role in 'Doctor Who' and he is already slated to make a guest-appearance on the spin-off series 'The Sarah Jane Adventures,' according to the BBC Press Office. For those unaware, the spin-off follows the adventures of former 'Doctor Who' companion Sarah Jane Smith as played by Elisabeth Sladen. Also joining them in the same episode is former 'Doctor Who' companion Jo Grant. She'll be played by Katy Manning, who is stepping into the role for the first time since 1973. And to round out the news trifecta, the episode will be written by the creator of 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' and the man responsible for bringing 'Doctor Who' back to television, Russell T. Davies. This would mark Davies' first time writing for the character of the Doctor since he left the series (and it could be argued that it's his first time writing for Smith's Doctor). Mind you, Davies writing was never particularly impressive on the series in terms of science fiction. Davies' strength tends to be writing about relationships, and having the Doctor in a room with two of his ex-companions (which for the Doctor would be the equivalent of ex-girlfriends) is enough reason to tune in. Source Here


i thought i would share with you the autumn season highlights of cult shows coming to u.k tv this autumn Autumn Season Highlights As another lousy British summer draws to a close, with rain spewing down everywhere (hopefully not part of another Sontaran plot), there's some solace on the horizon courtesy of plenty of old and new cult shows hitting television screens this autumn. From Sarah Jane's sonic lip gloss to Sylar's demonic brain-munching, Cult Spy gives you a rundown of what to expect before winter takes hold… Warehouse 13 Hoping to revive the compelling government/extraterrestrial conspiracies that transfixed legions of X-Files fans in its heyday, this slightly tongue-in-cheek drama following two Secret Service agents debuts on the Sci Fi Channel on September 8. The Warehouse 13 is a top secret storage facility, not too dissimilar to the famed Area 51, where the two agents (played by Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly) uncover various supernatural artefacts and creepy relics collected by the US government – and search to uncover the truth. But is it out there? Merlin Despite dodgy beginnings, the BBC's lavish production of the young wizard's early days notably improved during its debut year and hopes are high for less formulaic adventures this time around. All of the regular cast are returning to Camelot, but as before, the fun is to be had through 'guest star of the week' turns by a number of notable British thesps (and Will Mellor last year). Mackenzie Crook will play the creepy Cedric, Sarah Parish takes on the guise of a troll, Adrian Lester is the devious Myror and Charles Dance waltzes round as a sinister Witchfinder in future episodes. Fingers crossed that the mesmerising Katie McGrath is given more screen time as Morgana this year. We'll find out later this month. FlashForward The omens are good for this non-linear series billed as the new Lost. Five has already fast-tracked it for screening in late September barely a week after its Stateside debut. Then again, this is the broadcaster that commissioned Keith Chegwin's Naked Jungle. The premise of the show, created by Batman Begins writer David Goyer, revolves around a 17-second global blackout in which everyone experiences visions of their own future six months ahead – which are often startling. Can the future be changed? Packed full of twists, the focus is on the lives of Joseph Fiennes's FBI Agent Mark Benford and his surgeon wife Olivia – played by Sonya Walger, who is best known as Penelope Widmore from Lost. The Sarah Jane Adventures Bannerman Road is sure to be an exciting place for the third season of the Doctor Who spinoff, with K-9 lined up to play a semi-regular role and The Doctor himself turning up for Sarah Jane's wedding. Yet that pales into insignificance compared to the arrival of stiff-upper-lipped charmer Nigel Havers! There are plenty of returning baddies to contend with too, such as The Trickster, the Judoon and the Slitheen. Sadly, the series still hasn't been given an ideal Sunday teatime slot so that families can watch together, as its expected to air in its usual CBBC weekday place in mid-October. True Blood Already with a sizeable cult following courtesy of internet downloads and its current showing on UK's FX channel, this superb vampire drama (a cross between Twilight and Twin Peaks) arrives on Channel 4 in October. Prepare yourselves for plenty of bloodsucking action, bizarre exorcisms, murder mysteries, shapeshifting and tangled romances. True Blood is set in a world where vampires are campaigning to be a part of mainstream society, with a synthetic blood substitute on the market to satisfy their cravings. But prejudices run rife in the show's backward town. Dollhouse Now that the network interference that blighted the first season of Joss Whedon's show is out of the way, hopes are high that the Buffy maestro's true, undiluted vision can come to the fore. The narrative will follow on from the stunning first season finale, which saw Eliza Dushku's Echo captured by the devious fallen 'doll' Alpha. An impressive range of appearances from familiar faces are on the slate, including Jamie 'Apollo' Bamber, Michael 'Tigh' Hogan, Alexis Denisof from Angel and Summer Glau from Firefly/The Sarah Connor Chronicles, who is in a regular role. A double bill premiere commences the 13-episode season in the UK on October 20 on the Sci Fi Channel. Doctor Who: The Waters Of Mars The Cloister Bell is tolling for the Tenth Doctor, but ahead of his climactic Christmas Day battle with The Master, there's a chilling adventure on Mars to contend with. Veteran actress Lindsay Duncan will function as The Doctor's makeshift companion on a base that is under siege by several scary-looking humans possessed by some kind of water-borne evil. Fans of classic Who will surely be hoping for a shock appearance by the Ice Warriors who hail from Mars. This special is expected to air in November, with the 'Next Time' trailer sure to set tongues wagging… Heroes It's make or break time for Tim Kring's superhero series, which has veered between the sublime and the ridiculous since its phenomenally successful first season. The aptly titled fourth volume 'Redemption' features an array of new faces, most notably Prison Break's T Bag, actor Robert Knepper as the villainous Samuel. Let's face it, Knepper was hardly going to play a good guy! Ghostbusters legend Ernie 'Winston Zeddemore' Hudson features as a detective, Darth Maul actor Ray Park plays a key part in the new story arc, while Rick Worthy will portray Matt Parkman's new copper partner and Madeline Zima is Claire's new roommate. However, given the ending of the third season, all eyes will be focused on whether Sylar will break free from Matt's spell of making him believe that he is the recently slain Nathan Petrelli. 'Redemption' is tentatively scheduled to air on the BBC in November.

Tennant to appear in Who spin-off

David Tennant is to appear as the Time Lord in Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures, the BBC has announced. Tennant, 38, will appear over two episodes of a new 12-part series of the CBBC show, which starts in September. Russell T Davies, executive producer of The Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who, said it would be a "full on appearance" and "not just a cameo". The show follows the adventures of the investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith - a former Doctor's companion. Smith is played by actress Elisabeth Sladen, 61, who also played the character in Doctor Who opposite Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker between 1973 and 1976. 'Special treat' Sladen said she was "absolutely over the moon" to be co-starring alongside Tennant. Read the rest of the article!

BBC signs up for more of Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures

CBBC controller Anne Gilchrist has commissioned a third series of children's Doctor Who sci-fi spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures. The 12 episodes of the teatime show has been ordered before series two, which began in September, has finished its run. An average of 1.25 million viewers watched each episode of the first series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, which stars Elisabeth Sladen as the former Doctor Who assistant. The BBC Wales-produced show aired on weekdays at 5.05pm last year. The current run is averaging 700,000 viewers - albeit in an earlier 4.35pm slot. Russell T Davies, the show's executive producer, said it was "an honour and a delight to get a third commission". "It's brilliant to see Elisabeth Sladen's Sarah Jane becoming a hero for a whole new generation of kids," Davies added. Read the rest of the article here:

Sarah Jane Renewed for Season 3

The BBC Press office has announced that Doctor Who spinoff - The Sarah Jane Adventures - has been renewed for a third season, which will premiere in the Fall of 2009. Source: BBC

Sladen Is Tops In Sarah Jane

This article promotes the release of the Season One DVD of Te Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as Elisabeth Sladen discussing her role within the cast. Read the article here

Is The Sarah Jane Adventures coming to the states?

This sci-fi channel page brings up a lot of questions: check it out!