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Cannibal Homer and possessed Maggie will haunt Treehouse of Horror

The devil is in the details. Next weeks Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons is all-about The Exorcist, featuring the voices of Ben Daniels who co-stars as Father Keane in Foxs Friday-night TV version of the 1973 movie William Friedkin, who directed the classic big-screen flick and, for good measure, Neil Gaiman,...   ...Read More...

The Simpsons Stands With Puerto Rico in Its Season Premiere

  The Simpsons closed its Season 29 premiere on Sunday night with a statement of solidarity with Puerto Rico, which has been devastated by Hurricane Maria. The episode ended with a still image of the residents of Springfield gathered around a Puerto Rican flag being held up by the family. The idea of   ...Read More...

The Simpsons Got Everybody in Springfield to Turn Out in Support of Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Simpsons did that.   ...Read More... //

Fall Premieres Guide for 10/1

This Sunday’s TV kick-starts October’s line-up of even more premieres for us all to enjoy.   The Toy Box (7:00 PM on ABC ) Season 2 of this Shark Tank-like reality show returns, with kids and adults seeing as judges for would-be toys. When the winning product will end up on store shelves all over the world, you never know who’s going to walk in the door and pitch you their idea! Bob's Burgers (7:30 PM on Fox ) After winning an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program at the Creative Arts Emmys last month, this lovable family sitcom returns for it’s 7th Season. Bob, it seems, has always dreamed of being an Outdoorsman, so when he finds a local specialty store is going out of business...well, you know what’s going to happen. Not to be missed! Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (on Netflix ) Once the enfant terrible of all the world’s cooks (and kitchens!) Anthony Bourdain has been there and done it all. Now he’s showing us why he is such an amazing chef: he’s interested in every food! And not just the food, but the people who make it and eat it. It makes for fascinating tv, and this season features the cuisine of Singapore! 
 The Simpsons (8:00 PM on Fox ) ‘Dogtown’ began ruling Springfield in last year’s finale, much to Homer’s annoyance – even though he caused it all! Downtrodden Gil showed some moxie but it was Marge who saved the day. FOX has renewed the show through seasons 29 and 30! Shark Tank (8:00 PM on ABC ) They don’t call it Shark Tank for nothing - at times vicious, interrogative and just plain mean - it’s so much fun to watch! This season begins with a two hour premiere and has some amazing guest stars lined up for the rest of the season, like Sir Richard Branson, Bethenny Frankel, Rohan Oza, and Alex Rodriguez. 
 Wisdom of the Crowd (8:30 PM on CBS ) They’re using cell phones and social media to crowd-source crime solving - but is it a complete invasion of privacy? That’s your decision. The trailer looks really good, with the original premise turning into something much bigger than ever intended. Ghosted (8:30 PM on Fox ) 
This show about a mismatched duo features LAPD’s best missing persons detective is paired up with a disgraced Stanford astrophysicist to investigate events which may or may not have a paranormal element. Both are guaranteed their previous jobs back if they team up and work for the ‘Bureau Underground.’ This comedy looks great; I like the tropes, the comic timing and am looking forward to the silly missions they’ll undoubtedly be sent on. Family Guy (9:00 PM on Fox ) Seth McFarlane’s dysfunctional family returns, with evil Stewie Griffin remaining my favorite character – hey, he can build time machines! I don’t know how many episodes the late Adam West recorded, but I hope he gets a good send-off this season. As always with Family Guy, expect the unexpected. NCIS: Los Angeles (9:30 PM on CBS ) "We’re headed for all out nuclear war!" The 9th season takes off running and doesn’t stop until the bang don’t happen – if it did there wouldn’t be a season left to watch, so we can safely assume they save the day. It’s how they do it that’s tense, thrilling and so much fun. Last Man on Earth (9:30 PM on Fox ) The fourth season of our post-apocalyptic sitcom has arrived. "We have a two day old baby on board and a nuclear dust cloud hot on our tails!" Never fear though, Captain Tandy will have thought of everything... probably... 
 Curb Your Enthusiasm (10:00 PM on HBO ) Larry David is BACK! It’s been seven long years waiting for season 9! We need this comedy, right here, right now. I’m yelling for society!!! Watch. Watch. Watch. Please, don’t miss! Ten Days in the Valley (10:00 PM on ABC ) Pilot. Kyra Sedgwick makes a welcome return to TV in this action packed pilot. She’s playing a former documentary filmmaker who exposed corruption on the police force and now serves as the showrunner for a fictional cop show. Throw into the mix a bitter divorce, custody issues, illicit affairs, and an abduction for a tension-filled first episode.

Ordinary People Who Totally Look Like Real Life Simpsons Characters

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder where cartoonists get their inspiration for their characters. I mean really when you start to look around and take note of the people they might have looked at and studied then you get an idea of just what they were thinking when they drew certain characters. Since most of us don’t know what the Simpsons animators were looking at we just have to take the time to look at random people and find those that most closely resemble the people in the cartoons. Sometimes the comparisons are just eerie. READ MORE...

Christopher Walken Reading “Good Night Moon” on The Simpsons

There’s something inherently creepy about listening to Christopher Walken reading anything, let alone a children’s story. But when he reads Goodnight Moon in the Simpsons it just kind of sets all the hairs on the back of your neck to tingling at once. He’s just an unnerving guy unless he’s trying to be nice, and even he’s kind of creepy in a hard to define sort of way. The thing is, that’s just awesome. He’s so creepy when he’s reading children stories that it’s downright funny and hard to replace. Something about his voice is just so infectious that once you hear it you’ll almost immediately try to emulate it. There’s no mockery in the act, not even a hint of anything malicious, it’s that his voice is so great that people actually want to be able to sound like him. It’s hard really because there’s a kind of jumping quality to it that allows his voice to rise and fall with each word, almost as though his tone is sliding up and down in a way that’s hard to track. That’s the best analogy I can give for it really, but I’ve also got another clip I had to add just to show how his voice is that awesome. READ MORE...

The Simpsons Fires Longtime Composer and "Secret Weapon" Alf Clausen

Alf Clausen wrote the music for all your favorite songs.   ...Read More... //

'The Simpsons' Featured a Classic Solar Eclipse Joke in 1993

Guest Leonard Nimoy made the moment perfect: "A solar eclipse, the cosmic ballet goes on."   ...Read More... //

The Simpsons Welcomes Exorcist Director to 'Treehouse of Horror XXVIII'

The Simpsons has scared up the perfect guest spot for an Academy Award-winning master of horror. William Friedkin, director of 1973s The Exorcist, will lend his voice to the Fox comedys Treehouse of Horror XXVIII, airing Sunday, Oct. 22 at 8/7c, TVLine has learned exclusively. Friedkin will play Dr. Kenneth Humphries in a chapter titled [] //

What We Know about The Simpsons Movie 2 So Far

The Simpsons Movie premiered on July 21 of 2007 in a town called Springfield that can be found in the state of Vermont, which had won a contest for the honor of hosting said event. Although people complained about the staleness of the TV show then as now, the movie was both a critical and a commercial success, as shown by its 88 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes as well as the more than $500 million brought in at the box office on a $75 million budget. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that people have been wondering about a potential sequel to The Simpsons Movie for some time, though now more than ever because it has been more than a decade since its release. READ MORE...