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Shaq Will Guest Star on The Simpsons, Somehow Hasn't Before

  When I saw Entertainment Weekly 's headline that Shaquille O'Neal will guest-star on a Season 29 episode of The Simpsons , I thought, "that's nice that he'll be on there again." But when I clicked on it, it said nothing about "again." So I went over to the Simpsons wiki , and lo and behold, he's never ...Read More... //

'The Simpsons' Episode Featuring Pokemon Go Won't Air in Russia Amid Church Criticism

The clergy was unhappy about the episode 'Looking for Mr. Goodbart,' which shows Homer Simpson playing a video game in a church.  ...Read More... //

The Simpsons 'Reviews' President Trump's First 100 Days in Office, Killing Sean Spicer in the Process Watch

The Simpsonsis weighing in on President Donald Trumps first 100 days in office, serving up some of the darkestcomedy the White House has ever seen. A new shortuploaded Wednesday finds our nations capital in disarray, with Sean Spicer hanging himself, Kellyanne Conway refusing to take his place, and Steve Bannon and Jared Kushnerliterally at each [] //

The Simpsons 30th Anniversary: 12 Best. Memes. Ever. (Photos)

The Simpsons has been on for 30 years, and in that time, it hasbecome an essential part of the pop culture lexicon. Here are 12 essential gags, quote and moments that have come to permeate the Internet. Old Man Yells at Cloud Applicable to nearly everything online, this classic comes Season 13 of The Simpsons, in the episode The Old Man and the Key. ...Read More... //

The Simpsons to Parody Trump University 2 Days $25M Fraud Settlement Approved (Video)

This Sunday night, The Simpsons will air a suspiciously-timed new episode parodying Trump University, the now-defunct for-profit real estate college owned and operated by the Trump Organization until it went out of business in 2010. The episode will feature Burns University, a for profit college established by evil businessman Montgomery Burns, with guest appearances including Neil deGrasse Tyson. You can watch a preview of Tysons appearance as well as a look at the episodes plot, in a video first posted by Indiewire , above. ...Read More... //

The Simpsons Sends In the Clones for Trump University Spoof Watch

The Simpsons is assembling some of the greatest minds in pop culture while taking a few subtle jabs at President Donald Trump in the process. Sundays episode (Fox, 8/7c) features the founding of Burns University, a for-profit venture dreamed up by you guessed it C. Montgomery Burns. Homers boss gets the idea [] //

The Simpsons Schools Springfield On Trump University Scandal

Mr. Burns goes to college, sort of, in anupcoming episode of The Simpsons . Titled Caper Chase, the story has Springfields wealthy villain, fed up with collegiate political correctness, starting his own for-profit university. Naturally, Homer is hired as a professor. Hmm, Trump University? Exec producer and showrunner Al Jean insiststhe story idea pre-dated that scandal. Itwas conceived originally as a satire of for profit college, before Trump University hit it ...Read More... //

Norman Lear to Cameo on The Simpsons, Which Has Somehow Never Happened Before

For what is  The Simpsons , if not a Norman Lear sitcom with an added dash of casual strangling and non-lethal nuclear meltdowns? This fall, the father of America’s most beloved TV families Norman Lear will stop by the nation’s most obscurely located little town to meet the country’s  other  favorite domestic unit.    ...Read More... //

The Simpsons Video: Patton Oswalt Returns in a Killer New Role

Patton Oswalt is back in the booth for his second visit to Springfield on Sundays Simpsons (Fox, 8/7c) and hes not leaving until a dark secret is exposed. As you might have guessed especially if you already hit play on the video above Oswalt is lending his voice to Barts guilt, which [] //

Why this classic Simpsons episode almost didnt make it to air

Its one of the most beloved and oft-quoted Simpsons episodes ever, but the 1997 classic Homers Phobia very nearly didnt make it to air. A fascinating new post on The Ringer that takes an in-depth look at the groundbreaking episode, and writer Alan Siegel, reveals that network censors had a problem with the... ...Read More... //